Tips On Gift-Giving During Christmas for Chinese Women Dating Foreign Men

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What Chinese Women Think About Christmas

Now that Christmas is coming, you may think of giving a gift to your Chinese partner. Basic knowledge suggests that Christmas is mostly celebrated by Christians, and China is not a predominantly Christian nation. So, it is safe to say that you are wondering if Chinese people recognize or celebrate Christmas at all.

In China, Christmas is celebrated with less focus on the religion aspect. Since Christmas is a season of giving, there is less resistance in accepting the tradition especially among modernized Asians such as Chinese Japanese Korean girls or guys.

Since the religious aspect is limited, Santa Claus is the central figure instead of Jesus and the holiday is treated with the same hype as Valentine’s Day. If you want to give gifts to your Chinese partner, then you need to strictly consider her cultural background.

What Chinese Women Think About Gift-Giving

Aside from the Chinese view on Christmas, there is also a need to be cautious on their perspective about gift-giving. The Chinese practice specific gift-giving etiquette even to this day. You may not encounter this on articles posted in Asian dating chat sites, but there are certain gifts that are taboo to them and here are the following:

1.Sharp Objects, due to the symbolism for cutting off a relationship
2.Anything related to number 4, since it is pronounced similar to ‘death’ in Chinese
3.Shoes, since the word sounds similar to ‘evil’ in Chinese
4.Handkerchiefs, due to the symbolism of break-ups and goodbyes
5.Clocks / Watches, due to the symbolism of time running out
6.Pears, since the word sounds similar to ‘parting’ in Chinese
7.Umbrellas, since the word sounds similar to ‘breaking up’ in Chinese
8.White / black objects, because they are for funerals only
9.Mirrors, for the belief that a mirror attracts ghosts
10.Green hats, for being a metaphor to unfaithfulness
11.Unknown ornamental stones, for the belief they are associated with evil spirits
12.Candles, because they are used for the memory of dead people

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Great Ideas for Gifts To Chinese Women On Christmas

Now that you understand how the Chinese view Christmas and what their perspectives are on gift-giving, the following list will provide you with suggestions on what to give to your Chinese partner for Christmas. Consider this as one of the approved international dating tips.

You can never go wrong with a fruit. It symbolizes new beginnings and celebration about life. You can purchase a basket of assorted fruits excluding pears.

Tea drinking has always been rooted in the culture of most Oriental Asian countries especially China. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that tea, specifically Chinese tea, can be a highly regarded gift.

Alcohol is widely considered synonymous to fun in most cultures. Chinese tradition is not excluded from that and any man who can gift alcoholic drinks, such as Maotai, will always be popular even to sexy beautiful Chinese girls.

4.Red envelopes and money inside
The red envelopes are not only popular on events with large gatherings like weddings and birthdays, they can also be applicable as personal gifts to your Chinese partner during Christmas. Note that you have to avoid putting money denominations that start with the digit ‘4’.

5.Necklaces, comb or clothing accessories
Giving a necklace, comb or any clothing accessory is reserved for couples only in Chinese tradition. So, if ever you have a Chinese partner, giving those things is generally acceptable.

Plants are welcoming gifts. They may sound traditional and applicable to nice Chinese women only, but they can be pleasant gifts to any Chinese woman and they will also remember you as they take care of it.

Women and clothes – I think there is no debate here that every woman, whatever her race is, will appreciate clothing as a gift. Clothes can be the go-to gifts for women in every occasion, but it needs your understanding on her style or just simply let her pick her choices.

8.Gift cards
Christmas gift cards may be too basic but personalized touch can make them more special and meaningful. You just make sure to pick cards with no emphasis on photos of beautiful Chinese women and more highlight on your partner’s image.

If your Chinese partner has a kid or has a younger sibling, you can give her toys as a gift for her loved ones. It may not be directed to her, but you can expect her happiness on your charming thoughtfulness.


You may meet Chinese women online, score a date and start a relationship. In an interracial relationship, it is important to understand the culture of your other half.

In that way, you avoid offending her and establish more respect on each other’s differences. If you are planning to give gifts to your Chinese partner, take note of the prohibited and consider the highly suggested presents that are sure to deepen your bond further.

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