Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022 with Chinese Women

Chinese New Year 2022

As the year is ending, we’re nearing 2022, and this means Chinese New Year is coming soon. Also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, this grand event takes 7 days to celebrate. It’s one of the biggest and most colorful festivals you could ever experience in China with Chinese women. In fact, it can even last up to two weeks with New Year’s Eve as the highlight.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chinese woman

If you’re into beautiful Chinese girls, this is one of the best times you could choose to hang out and just celebrate an event this festive. Known for a time where families gather for a reunion and where fresh beginnings are emphasized, your partner would surely want you with her as this is not only an integral part of her culture, but it’s also where you can spend so much fun time together. Here are some traditions and ideas on what you could do with her this upcoming holiday:

Clean and Decorate the House Together

If you’re done with the Chinese online dating phase and are already seeing her in person, then this is the perfect time to visit her place to clean and decorate her space together. It’s customary for people in China to have a thorough cleaning of their entire houses. This symbolized sweeping away bad energies and luck as the new year comes along, making their places ready for good luck to come in.

house cleaning and decoration
House Cleaning and Decoration

You can spend this time with your partner and bond as you decorate her home together. Red is the primary color of this festival because it’s considered an auspicious color, so you can also bring along or help her shop for red-colored designs. She’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.

Celebrate Reunion Dinner on New Year’s Eve

Single Chinese women or not, everyone is expected during the reunion dinner, deemed as the most important and celebrated meal of the year in this culture. This is the time where families, whether far or nearby, gather to eat together and celebrate this wondrous event. Most of the time, several generations in a family sit and eat together on New Year’s Eve and is mostly finished by watching China’s Spring Festival Gala, a TV show they all love.

reunion dinner
Reunion Dinner

If you’re lucky enough to get invited, don’t turn it down. A young Chinese woman asking you to be a part of their yearly celebration is a good sign, so take this chance to meet and bond with her family. Just like how the west celebrates New Year, there would be a lot of food and mingling, so ready yourself with heartfelt compliments and puns to make dinner extra fun. And if you’re not exposed to a lot of traditional Chinese food, it’s a good idea to learn a few of their dishes first so that you’ll know what to expect – Chinese cuisine is tasty though, so you’ll likely enjoy it.

Offer Sacrifices to Ancestors

One of the best ways to impress beautiful single women is by being respectful, and this shouldn’t end once you’re dating one. So, as part of the tradition, observe offering sacrifices with your partner. You may not participate but learn and appreciate as much as you can while learning about their special traditions. They practice showing piety and respect to their ancestors as they believe that they’d be guided and protected as the new year unfolds.

offer sacrifice to ancestors
Offer Sacrifice to ancestors

As an observant during this time, don’t ask too many questions while they’re in the middle of the sacrifice. Instead, be respectful and only inquire after they’re free. Doing a little bit of research is also highly appreciated and helpful to not make you feel out of place. Offerings can be done at home, in special places, or in temples.

Set Some Firecrackers, Exchange Red Envelops, and Watch the Dragon and Lion Dance


The festival won’t be complete without firecrackers at all. From cities to far-flung provinces in the country, firecrackers are always set especially during the first minutes of the new year. This makes the celebration extra festive and fun. What’s even more heartwarming and exciting is when people start giving gifts to each other – candies, tea, fruits, and even alcohol are common items that are shared. For children and seniors, red envelopes with money inside are always given.

dragon and lion dance
Dragon and Lion Dance

During this time, you certainly shouldn’t miss the dragon and lion dances too. This is an iconic and cultural dance that signifies the spring festival. And along with these, you can enjoy strolling around with your partner appreciating lanterns or temple fairs where lots or performances are held. This would be a great time to not only spend some moments with her family members but alone time with her too. So, prepare some gifts, buy some firecrackers, and plan a schedule where you could bring her to a local event in her area. If you’re not comfortable, you can share this idea with her and plan together instead.

exchange red envelops
Exchange Red Envelops

Now that you’re aware of how enjoyable Chinese New Year is, spend this time with your partner as best as you can. If you don’t have a lovely Chinese girlfriend yet, you’re probably now searching about how to meet single women online.

Don’t worry; you still have time. There’s a lot of Chinese girl chat that you can explore online, so don’t hesitate to get to know these wonderful ladies. Who knows? The next one you’ll chat with might be the one who’ll introduce you to the grand festivities of this upcoming Spring festival. Good luck!

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