Ideas for Your Chinese Date: the Chinese Lantern Festival 2022

Chinese Lantern Festival 2022

Finding the right venue for your date can undoubtedly be tricky when you’re dating, mainly because it can determine the possibility of future dates. It’s even more challenging when you’re trying to impress your Chinese date.

Fortunately, the Chinese celebrate many festivals throughout the year, and taking her to one can serve as the perfect date idea. Not only can you show her how much you value her and her culture, but you can also impress her with your familiarity with their customs and traditions.

With that said, one of the best festivals you can take her to is the Chinese Lantern Festival or the Yuanxiao Jie. Held during the first month of the new lunar year, this festival can be the best way to spend your first date.

Learn more about this Chinese festival, its significance, and what to do during the festival with one of these beautiful single Chinese ladies in this article.

An Overview of the Chinese Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao Jie

The Yuanxiao Jie or Chinese Lantern Festival is one of the most significant festivals in Chinese culture, as it signifies the reunion of families and the return of the spring season. It also serves as their way of honoring their deceased ancestors and promoting forgiveness, peace, and reconciliation among families.

Dating back to around 2,000 years ago, this festival is held every 15th day of the first month in the new lunar year, during the first night with a full moon. In 2022, the Lantern Festival will be on February 15, a few days after the Lunar New Year on February 1.

During the Lantern Festival, the streets are lined with vibrant and colorful lanterns, usually decorated with riddles that you can solve to earn a small gift. Aside from this, you’ll also find other Chinese culture staples like fireworks, parades, and dragon dances during this festival.

If you’re dating one of those beautiful Chinese babes, the Lantern Festival can serve as the perfect venue for your next date.

Dating a Chinese Girl: What to Do During the Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is undoubtedly one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture, and it showcases just how beautiful and unique their traditions can be.

With that said, if this is your first time going on a date after meeting on a Chinese dating website, here are some of the activities you can enjoy during the festival:

  • Enjoying the Beautiful Lanterns
Beautiful Lanterns

Beautiful and vibrant lanterns define the Yuanxiao Jie. In fact, you’ll see lanterns everywhere during this festival – from the streets to inside houses and establishments. Aside from their beauty and liveliness, these lanterns symbolize something more critical to the Chinese – “lighting their future.”

They use these lanterns to pray for a smoother and more prosperous future, as well as to express their hopes and best wishes for their families. So, what better way to wish for that next date than through a colorful lantern?

  • Solving Lantern Riddles
Lantern Riddles

Many single Chinese women these days are well-educated, which is why intelligence is one of the ideal qualities they look for in the men they date. With that said, is there a more excellent way to show her just how smart you are than solving the riddles on the lanterns?

Most of the lanterns during the festival are decorated with riddles that festival-goers can solve to earn a small gift. The practice is estimated to have started during the Song Dynasty, wherein scholars wrote riddles for guests to solve as a form of entertainment.

So, not only will solving these allow you to showcase your intelligence to your date, but it’s also the perfect way to give her a little gift.

  • Watching Traditional Folk Dances
Traditional Folk Dances

Lion and dragon dances are staples in Chinese festivals, and you’ll see many of them during the Lantern Festival as well. These are two of the most prominent folk dances in Chinese culture, wherein both animals symbolize significant values in China.

In this case, the dragon is a figure that many people in China worship, believing it to be a powerful and benevolent creature. They also consider dragons a symbol of good luck and performing these dances are thought to bring prosperity to their communities.

Similarly, lions are considered a symbol of courage and strength in China, and they believe that their presence can help drive away evil and protect them from misfortune.

So, if you’re looking to gain a bit of good fortune for your next date, watching these two dances during the festival can be a fantastic way to do so.

  • Eating Delicious Chinese Treats
Eating TangYuan

Another defining trait of the Yuanxiao Jie is the presence of Chinese treats like the tangyuan or yuanxiao, as it’s called in the Northern areas of China. These are small glutinous rice treats filled with nuts and fruits that you can eat during the festival.

Aside from fruits and nuts, they’re also sometimes filled with sweet ingredients like black sesame paste that make them some of the best aspects of the Lantern Festival. You can even find more modern versions with non-traditional fillings like chocolate or cream.

These delicious treats are more than just yummy desserts you can enjoy during the festival; they also symbolize family togetherness, which is evident through their round shape.

With that said, munching on these treats can be an excellent way to spend the evening if you’re dating one of these beautiful mature Chinese ladies.

  • Watching the Stunning Fireworks
Watching Fireworks

Fireworks displays are another defining characteristic of Chinese festivals, and this comes as no surprise, considering that fireworks were invented in China.

In Chinese culture, fireworks are traditionally used to ward off evil spirits and protect people from harm. They’re also used to enhance the festive atmosphere, which is why they use them for many celebrations in China.

With that said, watching the beautiful fireworks displays can be the perfect way to cap off the night and serve as the peak of a fantastic time with your Chinese date.


Online dating sites are an excellent way to meet Chinese women and get to know them better. However, it can be tough to decide where to take them when you finally meet in person for your date.

With that said, taking them to the Chinese Lantern Festival can be the ideal way to spend your first date. Not only will it allow you to show your appreciation for her culture, but the beautiful lanterns and fireworks can serve as the perfect romantic backdrop for your date with that Chinese beauty you met online.

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