Reasons Why Online Dating Chinese Women Doesn’t Work

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For most foreign men, online dating is the perfect way to meet beautiful Chinese women. According to most studies, online dating has recorded a lot of success and has quickly overtaken the traditional way of dating.

But why is online dating frustrating, even when you have done everything to get yourself out there? You are on the right page if you are wondering why online dating is not working for you.

Here, we will look at some of the common reasons why online dating doesn’t work when dating a Chinese woman and what you can do about it.

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You are Using the Wrong Dating Site

Unknown to most people, different dating apps accommodate different needs. For this reason, you need to identify a dating site or app that best suits your needs.

Are you looking for a serious and exclusive relationship? If so, then you need to identify a dating site that will help you meet singles with the same goal.

Do comprehensive research on a dating site that you are interested in and read the online reviews. Also, it is worth taking advantage of the free trial, if a dating site has one, so you know what to expect when dating a Chinese woman on the site.

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Your Profile and Photos

Your picture and profile are the first things women see when they visit your account. Most Chinese women will not proceed to browse your profile if what they see and read does not captivate them.

That is why you need to create a short but interesting profile that best describes your qualities and personality without sounding like you are showing off. Don’t forget to fill in all the relevant profile information as this shows that you are serious about online Chinese dating.

Also, it is crucial to work on your pictures and ensure that they are high-quality. A good tip is to include at least two headshots, one action shot, and one full-body shot. We also recommend adding a picture where you are smiling, making you appear warm and approachable.

You are Not Setting Your Standards

The online dating space is big and comprises people with very varying personalities. That is why it helps to know what you want in a potential partner. Otherwise, not setting your standards and tailoring your preferences will only increase your chances of connecting with the wrong people.

Of course, this does not mean that you don’t be open and explore. It only means having healthy and fair expectations as you explore the Chinese dating culture.

You are Not Putting in the Effort

To be successful in online dating, you need to put in the effort to create an attractive profile and search for the matches yourself. Like other women, Chinese beauties love a man that shows an effort to gain their attention and win their love.

Being lazy will only give other men a competitive advantage. So, instead of using a usual opener, come up with an interesting one that will make you appear intriguing.

Furthermore, you should set aside time during the day to browse the matches using the site’s filter features. This will increase your chances of finding a potential date compared to letting the site do all the work.

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Poor Communication Style

Most Chinese women have great qualities, and the competition to date them is fierce on Chinese dating sites. That is why you cannot afford to be boring in your conversations with a cute Chinese girl. First of all, refrain from sending the same message to different people.

Secondly, it helps to think outside the box when starting conversations with someone you like. The usual, ‘Hey, you have a nice profile,’ will not set you apart from the competition. Instead, initiate the fun and exciting conversations that will keep the conversations going.

For instance, you can ask questions or comment about something in their profile. Not only does this show that you’ve read their profile, but it will also give you something to talk about that she is interested in.

Issues with Matching Algorithms

Most dating sites have a matching algorithm that predicts compatibility based on the information you provide on the site, including behavior traits. However, the matching algorithms do not work 100% since they rely on quantifiable information. It also may not be able to predict the chemistry and compatibility, which can hinder your chances of success in online dating.

You are Not Proactive Dating Chinese Women

If you make up your mind to join an online dating site, it helps to be online and active most of the time. This is the only way to browse potential matches and reply to messages early enough. An attractive Chinese lady gets lots of messages each day and they are most likely to give attention to men that show interest by replying quickly.

Spending A Lot of Time Online But Not Making the First Move

Once you feel comfortable with the Chinese woman you are talking to, try initiating a phone call conversation and later video chat. However, an issue with most men is that they chat online for too long before making the first move.

Most Chinese ladies are modest and shy. A typical Chinese girl expects man to make the first move no matter how much she likes him. If you keep chatting with the girl on daily basis but not confessing how you feel about her you will not have any chance to bring it to a deeper level.


Online dating can be an excellent way to meet Chinese women. However, online dating has some rules that can increase your chances of finding the girl you love. We hope you now have an idea of some of the hindrances to online dating and what you can do to succeed.

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