Join Chinese Women and Celebrate 2022 Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival 2022

For many Chinese women, the dragon boat festival in China holds a lot of significance. However, what exactly is this festival all about, and how is it celebrated? Find out here!

What is the Dragon Boat Festival in China About?

There’s no Chinese woman who does not know about the Dragon Boat Festival. Also called “Duan Wu”, the Dragon Boat festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, meaning that the date can vary. In 2022, it will be celebrated on June 3rd.

This festival is celebrated to commemorate Qu Yuan’s death. He is a Chine minister and poet, popular for his contribution to classical poetry and patriotism. Eventually, he was hailed as a national hero.

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When Qu Yuan was alive, he lived during the time of the first feudal dynasty of China. He fought against the powerful state, causing him to be exiled. During his exile, he turned to writing to show his patriotism.

According to the legends, Quan Yuan was very remorseful over the capture of his country’s capital. Because of this, he waded into the Mi Lo River after finishing his final poem. Today, the Mi Lo River of Hunan represents despair and protest against corruption.

Many villagers took boats carrying dumplings to save Qu Yuan upon hearing the news. Unfortunately, their efforts were for nothing. Since then, the villagers have turned to using their paddles to splash water, throwing rice dumplings into the river, and beating drums as an offering to the spirit of Yu Quan. They also did this to keep the fish and evil spirit off his body. Meanwhile, a fierce dragon boat race happens to search for his body.

How is Dragon Boat Festival in China Celebrated?

Chinese dating culture is very unique and different from the west. This is why making an effort to understand how a major festival such as the Dragon Boat Festival will be a huge help. So, how exactly is it celebrated in modern times?

Here are some of the activities that cute Chinese girl and boy observe:

1. Traditional Foods

One of the most common ways a cute Chinese girl celebrates the Dragon Boat festival is by eating traditional dishes. Some of the food served during this festival include:

  • Zongzi

Zongzi is the symbolic food during Dragon Boat Festival. It is made with glutinous or sticky rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves with a pyramid shape. It has several filling options; ham, pork, chestnut, red bean paste, and many more. Your can ask your Chinese lady her favorite favor.

  • Jiandui/Fried Cake

Commonly served in the Fujian Province, Jiandui is a fried round cake made with rice flour and wheat. It is eaten during the Dragon Boat festival to prevent rain from happening during the celebration.

  • Eggs Steamed with Tea
Eggs Steamed with Tea

Eggs boiled with tea are quite common during Dragon Boat festival celebrations in the Nanchang region. These are hung on children’s necks for good luck, but they are also quite tasty.

Are you wondering how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you? One telltale sign is if she’s willing to share some of the delicious food served during the festival.

2.Wearing Incense Bag

In the past, there were plenty of plagues and diseases during the festival dates. Because of this, it’s been part of the tradition to wear incense bags for two main reasons, to protect them against diseases and ward off evil spirits.

3.Dragon Boat Races

The main event during the Dragon Boat Festival is the Dragon Boat races. During this time, plenty of Chinese beautiful ornate boats come on display.

The boards are painted in vibrant colors similar to old war canoes. It is quite a spectacle, and thousands of visitors gather to watch the race and join in the festivities. You’ll also observe heavy drumming as racers compete to the finish line.

4.Hanging Wormwood and Calamus on Doors

Another tradition observed during the Dragon Boat Festival is the hanging of wormwood and calamus on doors. Sometimes, these are also hung on windows. This is done to drive away evil spirits and bring good health to the family.

Final Words

If you are planning to meet Chinese women, knowing about major festivals like the Dragon Boat festival allows you to leave a good impression. It shows that you took the time to learn and understand their culture. Because of this, it would be much easier for you to gain their trust and communicate your sincerity.

You could say that Chinese dating is difficult because it’s different from what you are used to. However, the more you learn about the culture, the more you understand the values and principles of many Chinese women, making it easier to interact with them.

You don’t have to make yourself an expert on Chinese culture and traditions. What’s important is you learn the basics, make an effort, and keep an open mind. Dating beautiful Chinese women would be much more manageable when you do all these.

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