What Chinese Women Truly Want In A Relationship

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Chinese women are beautiful and can make good partners in a relationship. However, for a relationship to work, it would be best for both partners to understand what the other partner wants. Movies often depict that most women want a handsome, rich, and fit man. Though women appreciate these qualities, they aren’t the most important.

Continue reading to find out what women truly want for a successful Chinese women dating.

  • Love

Women feel comfortable and start to open up to you when you make them feel loved. Generally, women long for love and affection and will more likely get into a relationship with a man that shows her love.

When dating a Chinese girl, ensure that you shower her with love and let her know that you value her. Pay attention to her demands and be affectionate to her at all times. 

  • Open Communication

For a relationship to be healthy there is a need for open and clear communication. When there is open communication in a relationship, women find it very easy to communicate their feelings. This is because they will feel less judged and this can lead to a deeper connection between you and your partner.

  • Safety

Most women are looking for someone that they can trust and can feel safe with. When your Chinese girlfriend gets into a relationship with you, she expects that you can protect and make her feel safe.

She needs someone who can take care of her, especially during her most vulnerable moments. She wants to feel vulnerable and know that you won’t judge her but that you will give her emotional security.

When you become your girl’s safe space, she will find it very easy to open. As a result, this will help her grow in your relationship and overcome any emotional pain she has experienced before. 

  • Sensitivity

Women want a woman that is sensitive and aware of their emotions and is willing to listen to them. This doesn’t mean you have to be affected by her emotions. What you need to do is to be there to see what she feels. 

When dating a Chinese girl, try to offer her support and a shoulder to lean on when she is going through difficulties in life. Otherwise, a relationship is the last thing she may want to be in if she can’t depend on you for support because you aren’t sensitive enough to understand her.

  • Honesty

Chinese women want a man that is honest and does not give them reasons to doubt him. The last thing a woman wants is a man that lies to her and breaks the trust she had in him. Therefore, if you are looking to date a woman from China, ensure that you maintain open honesty in everything and act with integrity at all times.

  • Appreciation

Appreciation goes a long way in making women happy and this is no exception for Chinese women. When you meet Chinese singles, you’ll observe that they respond well to appreciation and praise.

Always make the effort to remind your girl how much you love and appreciate her. Show that you appreciate her efforts and the time she takes to spend with you. Do things that express how important she is in your life and what she means to you. 

One of the easiest ways to damage a relationship is ignoring and taking your partner for granted. Appreciation means you are well aware of what your partner brings to your life. So, don’t hesitate to tell her often how much you appreciate her. 

  • Great Chemistry

For most women, having great chemistry can be a guarantee that the relationship will work. Good chemistry means that your lady is not only attracted to your good looks but that she also has an attraction for things like perspectives, interests, goals, and shared values.

  • Dependability

Because life can get difficult, many beautiful Chinese women want to feel that they count on their men. Instead of falling under pressure, you should stay strong enough when inevitable hardships occur.
Your girl wants to see that you can take care of yourself when these things happen. When she gets a little too emotional, she wants to see that she can still depend on you. Be true to your words and show consistency in your actions. 

  • Emotional Maturity

Age isn’t always achieved with maturity. That’s because maturity is something you need to work on to get and maintain. Men who are emotionally immature turn women off and this is true for Chinese women.

Women want men who have empathy and can understand their emotional experiences. To keep your partner happy, you need to be emotionally mature to communicate, show respect, and be accountable for your actions. 

  • Same Vision for the Future

Instead of reaching a relationship milestone for a certain period, women prioritize having a shared future vision with their partners. Not all women want to settle down. Some of them want to invest in a house, travel around the world, or excel in their careers. Whatever plans they may have, they want someone who will show support and share the same vision with them. This is also something to consider when dating Chinese girls.

  • Valuing the Relationship

Relationships aren’t always easy. Even the happiest and healthiest couples go through disagreements and arguments. A cute Chinese girl wants someone who they can argue with and still be there after the argument. When you value the relationship, you’ll be willing to fight for it no matter what happens. 


If Chinese dating is something that you are considering, knowing what Chinese women want in a relationship will help make the journey easy for you. Of course, not all women are the same and they may want different things from their relationships. Nevertheless, these are some of the most common things that most, if not all women want in their relationships.

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