Songkran 2022 in Thailand: Celebrate It With Thai Girls

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Many Thai girls are still excited to celebrate Songkran, a much-awaited 3-day holiday in Thailand. However, what exactly makes Songkran special, and why is it a big deal for these ladies? Find out here.

What is Songkran?

Songkran is the Thai New Year national holiday celebrated every 13th of April. However, the holiday is extended until the 15th. The word “Songkran” is from the Sanskrit word “Samkranti” which means to move forward.

The main reason why the ancestors of beautiful Thailand women celebrate it is to embrace love, goodwill, compassion, and gratitude, using water as the medium of expression. So yes, this means that if you visit Thailand during Songkran, you can expect to get wet literally.

How is Songkran Celebrated?

Thailand is very lively during Songkran. It’s in various different ways, including:

  • Merry Making

During Songkran, you can expect plenty of beautiful Thai girls out on the streets joining parades. There was also no shortage of beauty contests, sporting events, and carnivals throughout Thailand during this period. Most importantly, it’s also a good opportunity to try some of Thailand’s traditional food and delicacies.

  • Releasing Birds and Fishes into the Water

Putting birds and fishes back into their natural habitats is widespread during Songkran. It is believed that the act of giving these animals freedom is a type of merit-making. If you are dating a Thai woman who is an animal-lover. You can mention it in your conversation. She will be impressed by how much you know about her culture.

  • Showing Respects to Elders

Songkran is another opportunity to show respect to elders. In a country like Thailand, respecting elders is very important and common. However, the difference is that the way they show it during Songkran involves using water.

Young Thai girls and boys pour scented water on the hands of their elders. This is a way of receiving their blessings. It is also common to gift them with beautiful garlands. After that, the elders and the younger generation could just splash each other with water for fun.

  • Presenting Offerings to Monks

Another common practice during Songkran is presenting offerings to monks as a dedication to their late ancestors. Many people also visit the temples to listen to the preaching of Buddha.

Tips on How to Send Holiday Greetings to Thai Girls During Songkran

If you are dating Thai women, it would be a huge advantage on your part to know how to send Songkran holiday greetings to your special ladies appropriately. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Greet Her

A simple way of greeting her is by just saying happy holiday. You don’t have to overcomplicate things.

By greeting the Thai girl dating, you are showing here that you made an effort to learn about her culture. This gesture will definitely be appreciated because she will feel like you are a sincere and thoughtful person.

  • Show Interest

If you met a girl on a Thai dating site around Songkran season, one way of extending your greetings is by showing interest and curiosity about it. Ask her what it is all about and how it is celebrated in their area.

beautiful Thai girl
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Showing your interest and curiosity is a good way to maintain a conversation with the lady that you are interested in. Besides that, there’s no better place to learn about the holiday other than straight from the mouth of a local.

If you have lingering questions about Songkran, make sure to ask her about it. Most of the time, girls on online dating sites are more than willing to share their culture and practices, especially those who have a genuine interest in them.

  • Learn More About Their Culture

One of the best tips on how to date a Thai woman is to learn about their culture. This will allow you to understand their values and principles. The same thing also applies to Songkran.

Go beyond knowing that it is a widely celebrated in Thailand. Research about the origin of the customs related to the holiday.

Things to Do During Songkran

If you find yourself in Thailand during Songkran, here are some of the things that you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Join the Khao San Road Water Fight

One of the main ways of celebrating Songkran is with water. This is why it’s not a surprise that there are some places that have a tradition of splashing people with water. Khao San Road is definitely one of those places.

The major street has a lot of booze and water during Songkran. Here, you will find both foreigners and locals enjoying the festival.

  • Visit Scared Temples

Take a peek at the traditional side of Songkran by visiting a temple. While there, it’s common for you to see a lot of people paying their respects to images of Buddha and honoring monks.

There are 9 main temples that attract plenty of visitors during this time. Thais usually visit as many as they can to make merit and in an effort to collect as much luck as possible for the coming year.

  • Watch Traditional Performances

There are plenty of traditional ceremonies and performances scheduled during Songkran. It’s a great opportunity for you to watch mask dancing, puppet shows, and Muay Thai performances.

Final Word

Trying to impress ladies from Thailand is no easy feat. However, knowing about an important festival such as Songkran will definitely make you look good in their books. Besides, educating yourself about other cultures will also earn you a wider perspective in life which is a nice added bonus.

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