See How ChnLove Deals With Online Dating Scam

Keep You Away From Online Dating Scam

As one of the leading online dating sites in China, ChnLove quite understands the importance of ensuring the safety of its members, especially in modern online dating matchmaking market where are infested with many scammers. Therefore, ChnLove sets up Anti-Scam Projects, to assist its member with helpful information.

Anti Scam Policy of ChnLove

First of all, all the profiles of its lady members have to been doubly checked before they are posted to the website. When you see those ladies’ profiles marked with “Verified” Icon, it means that it has passed the Identity Authentication and SMS Verification processes. I have to say that this is an effective way to stop scamming at the first stage. For those ladies who can not be tracked and are suspected by male members, they would be considered suspicious profiles and then be taken down for monitored.

ChnLove also places strict rules on its cooperative agencies and it encourages its male members to evaluate the performances of the agencies via a reliable feedback system. To ensure the service quality by agencies, ChnLove periodically check the the translated correspondences and other services on random basis. Or call the ladies to inquire the performance of the agencies serving them, so as to ensure the agencies fully comply with its strategies.

See How We Solute Online Dating Scams By Agencies

Every gentleman is advised to spot any scam issue. Once it’s detected, welcome to inform us immediately, and then our Customer Service Team would try the best to figure out a satisfactory solution. Once the suspicious scam is confirmed true by investigation, the agency and the lady would receive disciplinary punishment. For the male member who suffered from the scam practice would be compensated accordingly.

Though we are trying our best to keep our members away from dating scam; however, we can not 100% guaranteed that it wouldn’t happen. Therefore, you yourself still need to be alerted. Once you detected any fraud issue, welcome to contact us timely! Our firm commitment on this aspect is exactly wha makes ChnLove stand out above other dating sites.

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