Must-Know Tips to Start an Online Conversation with Asian Women

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All meaningful relationships always start with that first hello. But, how do you do it? According to a study published by Clark, Shaver, and Abrahams (1999), there are several approaches that you can use it. However, there is no single best approach for everyone. How you approach Asian women online will depend on your own personality and what kind of relationship you want to build with them.

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Create a charming profile

Your online dating profile should present exactly how you want Asian women to view you. People check profiles before they send or reply to messages. So, how do you make your profile appealing?

Dating coaches suggested that you start by choosing a recent photo. One poll revealed that a big smile is considered more attractive than a sexy pout. While it’s easy to make up lies in your profile, it is not advisable. If you want to build a real relationship with anyone online, you should be honest in the first place. However, don’t reveal too much too soon. Leave room for some mystery, so you’ll have something to talk about later. Finally, don’t forget to have fun. If you manage to make someone laugh with your profile, you can use it as a conversation starter or an icebreaker.

Know how to keep an online conversation

There’s a difference between communicating in real life and online with Asian girls. For one, in online dating, it is assumed that the one who initiates the message is interested to go out with the receiver. That assumption is true. Thus, when starting a conversation, you must make sure that you create a good impression. The first hurdle you have to overcome is how to make the woman respond.

One of the best types of openers are questions. Questions are meant to be answered; thus, you’re more likely to receive a response. Another good opener is an intriguing statement. For instance, you can say, “You’re cute. Too bad you’re shy.” This kind of opener will be met with either a disagreement or amazement.

Do your research

The great thing about online dating Asian women is that it’s easy to find bits of information about the other person even if you don’t have a common acquaintance. Use the internet to do a bit of research about the other person’s likes and dislikes. Your main goal should be to find a common interest. You can use this to move your conversations later on.

A common interest is a great way to develop rapport and build attraction. Pay attention to what she has put in her profile. What kind of man does she like to date? This strategy will help you develop more intimacy and depending on your goals, you might be able to avoid being in the friend zone.

Once you’ve found a common ground, you can start asking open-ended questions. Open-ended questions are the best types of questions to know another person’s personality. Avoid simple yes-no questions. You can have fun and make these questions more interesting. For instance, you can go, “You’re a photographer, right? If you can keep one photograph for yourself, what would it be?”

Be thoughtful

Just because you can keep your anonymity online doesn’t mean that you can say whatever you want. A lot of Asian women looking for love online are very wary of men who are only looking for casual partners. If you want more than that, keep your libido in check at the start of your conversations. Nothing is more unattractive than a sexually-charged greeting. It will pay to start slowly.

Stay in the moment and keep asking thoughtful questions. Make it clear that you are interested in her and make her talk about herself. Listen to what she’s saying and ask follow-up questions. If she’s honest, be straightforward as well. If she’s smart, create an intelligent chat.

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Make a list of topics

Keeping a conversation can be admittedly tough at times. However, there’s an easy solution to overcome this. Make a list of topics and categorize them into career, music, friends, family, etc. Under each topic, prepare a list of questions. When there’s a lull in the conversation, pull out one of these topics, and you’re back on track.

While it seems silly to organize something as topics to talk about during a conversation, it is a great help especially if you are not used to online dating yet. Another thing you can do is answer online quizzes like that of Buzzfeed. They’re fun and great for conversations.

Be humorous

It will never hurt to have a healthy sense of humor. Teasing and joking are such effective ways to build a rapport. Women, no matter their culture and race, will always appreciate a man who knows how to throw good jokes. Be they Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Philippine women, you’re sure to capture their hearts more quickly if you make them laugh.

Remember, however, that you need to find the right balance between the teasing approach and friendly behavior.

Give compliments

It’s no secret that compliments make people feel good. In fact, research shows that compliments light up the same part of the brain that is activated when a person is given monetary rewards. Thus, it leaves people with a sense of satisfaction.

Appreciation is a fundamental part of any relationship. When you’re giving a compliment, make sure that it is sincere. Simple flattery won’t get you as far. While it’s okay to appreciate people’s physical appearance, you shouldn’t forget her personality as well. Tell her what you admire about her and what makes her different from others that you have met.

How you choose to approach women online ultimately depends on you. The more you apply the tips above, the more you’ll get used to them.

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