More Than Half of Asian Women Won’t Date Men Who Don’t Get Along With Their Pet, a New AsiaMe Survey Shows

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The way to an Asian woman’s heart is through her pet. More specifically, it’s through your “relationship” with her dog, cat, or other pet.

An Asian woman will probably not consider dating a guy who does not get along with her pet. This was the finding of a recent survey by AsiaMe, which asked more than 1,000 single Asian women who own a dog, cat or any other pet about whether their pet’s response to their new partner plays any role in their romantic relationship. online

More than 75% of the respondents said their pet’s reaction to their new boyfriend plays a major role when it comes to considering whether to continue dating that guy or break up with him. Turns out, when dating an Asian girl, a man needs to get approval from not only her family, but also her pet(s).

How an Asian woman’s pet affects her dating life

As there’s an increasing number of Asian women adopt dogs, cats, other pets to become a pet parent – and some even bring their furry friends to first dates – the pet’s impression of their potential romantic partners can be an important criterion when the pet owner is considering a new partner.

Asia has some of the largest dog populations in the world, with China and Japan having nearly 40 million dogs combined. The new survey conducted by AsiaMe suggests that pets, not diamonds, are the best friends of Asian women.

For many Asian ladies, having a dog is similar to having a child. Being a pet parent has a major impact on the person’s daily life and may even affect their dating life. For many Asian girls, introducing their beloved pet to a new man in their life feels like introducing their own child to a new partner. If they do not get along, chances are the woman will not consider dating that man.

More than half Asian women would not date a man who doesn’t get along with her pet

Scientists believe that dogs have a sixth sense that allows them to sense a good and bad person. More than 80% of the Asian women who took part in AsiaMe’s survey agreed that pets, particularly dogs, are an “excellent judge of character,” which means if their pets do not like somebody, it’s an indication that their owner should stay away from that person.

Interestingly, the vast majority of the Asian girls surveyed by AsiaMe admitted that they would be willing to call it quits with their new partner if he does not have a harmonious and friendly relationship with their pet. The survey shows that an Asian woman’s pet’s response to her prospective life partner is something to take very seriously.

Tips on how a man can get along with his new girlfriend’s pet

So, the survey has established that if a man wants to please an Asian woman, he should please her pet first. But how does a man accomplish that? Since pets play such a major role in their owner’s dating life, how does a man ensure that he gets along with his new girlfriend’s pet?

Most pets tend to bond to the person who showers them with the most attention. However, it’s very easy to cross the line and overdo it, which is why it’s always advised to read the pet’s body language (there are plenty of articles written on the topic of reading a dog or cat’s body language).

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It’s best to avoid being introduced to a pet in a stressful environment, which is why a man should ensure that his new girlfriend’s pet feels comfortable during the introduction (not scared, not anxious, not defensive, or anything else). And more importantly, a man should always bring treats. It’s a good idea for a man to ask his new girlfriend about her pet’s favorite food, and bring the treats with him when it’s time to be introduced to the pet.

Dating an Asian woman who owns a pet on AsiaMe

Always prepare for meeting your girlfriend’s pet in advance. If a man meets an Asian woman on AsiaMe and the woman says that she has a pet, the man should definitely ask questions about the pet, and be genuinely interested in hearing 100+ stories about her pet. After all, nothing melts an Asian girl’s heart more than dating a pet person or at least someone who cares about her furry friend.

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