How To Celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival With Your Chinese Date Virtually

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The pandemic has taken many things from us this year from social gatherings to traditional celebrations and one of them is the annual celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival or most commonly known as Moon Festival. The Moon Festival celebrates the end of the autumn harvest, from mid-September to early October of every year. However, due to the pandemic, the perfect Chinese date you have been preparing for might have to be canceled.

Well, as a leading Chinese dating website we do have one way that might help you date the Chinese beauty of your dreams during the Moon Festival. Here are some ideas for your possible virtual dates.

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1. Virtual House Tour

The mid-Autumn Festival is also most commonly celebrated through homes with their family and significant others as this is an annual tradition. Most mature Chinese ladies that you will know or date will want to try this one as she will be proud to show you the ropes of their culture and how the festival is celebrated in her hometown. You can ask her to give you a virtual house tour and give her one in return if she is interested. Chinese girls often have a great deal of honor and pride in their culture and family. What better way to know her more than by doing this?

2. Cook and Eat Together

The most common menu for this kind of holiday is the Mooncake, you can order them online at your local Chinese store or make them if you have the ingredients and materials. You could also cook and learn other Chinese cuisines and prepare a feast while video chatting with those single Chinese ladies. After which you could eat then together and have fun talking throughout the dinner. It would also be much better if you’d get her to teach you how to cook the cuisines on video call.

3. Movie Marathon

Having a hard time searching for ideas on virtual dates? Why not try a movie marathon? No one can resist a good movie date. You can both decide on what movies to watch while on a video call together. When you meet Chinese women you might want to ask what genre of the movie does she like or if she has a certain movie or series in mind that she has been meaning to watch. You can put on Netflix or other movie sites on the screen while also separately grabbing some popcorns and snacks to eat while watching.

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4. An Evening of Pillow Talk

One common tradition for Chinese ladies during the Moon Festival is staring at the moon, enjoying the serene night, or even having an offering. You can call up your date and just ask how her date went while you’re both looking at the moon and stars. You can be a romantic and sing her a song or just simply talk with her all night long. You can ask her to grab a drink together and just have a relaxing night under the moonlight and the wide blanket of stars.

Also, a part of their tradition is drinking the Osmanthus Wine. Although, it may be hard for Westerners to gain this bottle of fragrant wine, I believe some local Chinese stores and online shops offer them.

5. Learn A Dance Together

If your date is jolly and is willing to try new things and adventures, then you could invite her to a possible dance showdown or collaboration. What better way to try it other than in TikTok. You can have fun and show off those dance moves you cannot show in real life due to certain things.

6. Fly Festival Lanterns

One popular tradition during the Mid-Autumn Festival is when they make and hang Festival Lanterns. Although nowadays the most common thing to do is fly a Kongming lantern up in the sky. This is an activity that you can do even when you are far away from each other. A Kongming lantern is one that uses a burning candle to heat the air up in the lantern causing it to fly. You write good wishes around the lantern before letting them go up in the sky.

The Mid-Autumn Festival for the year 2020 will be celebrated on October 1st, offering you more time to prepare for your virtual date with single Chinese ladies. Still, you should not forget to greet them as it is a custom and a sign of respect to greet one another on festivals. You would also want to mind your words as for you to not cause any misunderstandings with your date.

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