When Nature Beckons You With Its Mesmerizing Colors

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China’s autumn has been termed as ‘fantastic’ and ‘magical’ by many globetrotters who have spent some time in this great nation during the crispiest of seasons. What is autumn to the Westerners, is arguably the best time to visit this Oriental paradise. And if you are lucky enough to have a bit of extra time in your hands, try taking a gander at the most spectacular of autumn sights – the foliage colors.

Admittedly, it is a little difficult to appreciate the hues of nature while being stuck in a traffic congestion in Beijing. So, if you want to witness the mesmerizing beauty of fall colors, it is best to head out of the bustling cities and be a little closer to nature. Northern China, albeit arguably, is the best place to see the fall colors, but it is not difficult to find the striking autumn hues at practically everywhere in China.

colorful sceneries of the season

Fragrant Hill, Beijing:

Just a few kilometers away from the hustle bustle of the capital, in the suburbs is located the most popular as well as the most accessible place from where fall colors can be enjoyed – the Fragrant Hill. Blanketed in smoke trees, persimmon trees and maple trees, this hill rapidly changes color after the first snow of the season which typically falls in early October. By the red of the month, the hills seem carpeted in dazzling shades of red, orange and purple.

The Yellow Mountains, Anhui:

When it comes to fall foliage, the Yellow Mountains are not one to stay behind the Fragrant Hill, in beauty. Putting on a spectacular show of bright orange, red, yellow and brown, the Mountains get ready to spellbind you by the end of October. The entire show is made even better by beautiful sunrises, waterfalls, oddly shaped pine trees and the clear blue sky dotted with cotton balls for clouds. If you want to feel close to the nature, this is the place to be.

Tachuan, Huangshan:

Nestled at the foot of the mighty Yellow Mountains, Tachuan is a small village that attracts a lot of tourists as one of the best places in China for the fall colors watch. Dotted with old Chinese tallow trees and maple trees, this village changes into blinding shades of gold and red by late autumn. These stunning colors, interspersed with traditional gray houses make for a picturesque setting that seems right out of a Zhang Yimou film.

Jiuzhaigou Valley, Chengdu:

If you thought that in autumn, only the leaves change colors, you are about to be proved wrong. In China, the waters do too and there is no better place to see this breathtaking sight than the nature reserve site and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sichuan, popularly known as Jiuzhaigou (‘Nine Village Valley’). Freckled with multicolored, clear-water lakes, this park really stages an unforgettable display when the leaves change color from green to yellow, orange and red in autumn.

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