Tips to Get the Conversation Going Once Matched with Pretty Chinese Girls

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Most people presume that getting matched in online dating with pretty Chinese girls is hard. The truth is that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After getting matched, there is another major step that involves getting to know each other.

If you want to move forward with your match, you need to converse well. This will help take your relationship to the next level beyond online dating. Luckily, striking a decent conversation with a beautiful Chinese lady can be learned with practice and a few tips.

1.Understand the Awkward Phase

Every relationship starts at the awkward phase. While this can also be experienced in online dating, it is not very awkward as it would be if the conversation was in person. As you meet Chinese ladies online and start having conversations, they will not see any awkward body language you might show. Therefore, it is much easier to sound confident in emails or chats.

Luckily, when you compare Chinese women vs. Japanese women, the former is a lot easier to talk to. Thus, it is easy to get past the awkward phase.

During this phase, it is a good idea to play safe and not open up too much. Start with a simple greeting. In this stage, it is easy for some women to quickly lose interest. In the awkward phase, you want to sound interesting, fun, and just a little bit flirty. Don’t be too forward but also, don’t be too reserved. You also want to sound just a tad bit smart. 

A good rule of thumb is to start with topics that both of you can get on with easily. Take note that you don’t know a lot about the other person yet, so you basically have no idea what makes her tick. Show a keen interest in her and ask her about her hobbies or interests. Maybe you’ll have something in common that will get the conversation going.

2.Ask Questions and Start Opening-Up

After the awkward phase, you are now more likely to feel a little bit comfortable. Once you have exchanged a few messages to and fro with a Chinese girl, you should start opening up. Tell her about your work or education. Tell her a few but not too deep secrets since you don’t want to overwhelm her immediately. 

Generally, it is a good idea to find something you both like. Perhaps a movie you both watched or a music artist you both love. Build a foundation by starting with the little things. Be very attentive to what she says and be very sensitive to what you say. Men tend to go overboard or joke around too much.

Ask questions that will show you are interested in knowing her more. Northern Chinese women love attention, especially if you are sincere. Drop a few compliments here and there and flatter her ego for a bit. Try to keep it fun. You are not applying for a job; you are looking for a partner. 

3.Start Flirting

As the conversation opens up, be more flirtatious but still be sensitive. Some girls are very open to deeper topics, while some are quite reserved. For Chinese American dating to work, it should include a lot of flirting around. Just ensure that you don’t be vulgar.

You can try spicing things up with a joke. If you think she is a reserved type, change the topic but still give her more compliments. 

Take note that you are communicating online and she cannot sense all the signals you are giving her. You don’t want to be too forward at this stage. Start with much deeper conversations. Instead of asking dull questions, try to be quirky and flirty. For instance, you can ask “I wonder what kind of girlfriend you would be; what do you think?”

4.Start Calling

It is always easier to convey messages and signals when you can hear the person you are having a conversation with. If you and your China love date are both comfortable enough, perhaps you can level it up and do a video call. In that way, your conversation would feel more genuine, and you can see her body language, and your jokes will come through easier.

In this stage, it must already be clear to her that you are attracted to her and that someday, somehow, you would want to meet her in person. 

5.Show a Little Vulnerability

It is much easier for a woman to open up to you when you open up to her first. Tell her something embarrassing about you or an experience that made you feel embarrassed. Of course, you have to be wary in selecting your story here since you don’t want to say anything that will put her off. 

You can tell her a secret about you as a way to show that you are comfortable with her. When done right, the other person will reciprocate and your relationship would be more intimate and close. Also, ask her about her private life or some personal questions.

Be sensitive, and don’t be too pushy. If you think she is getting uncomfortable, then you can back it off a little. Don’t rush and learn to take things slowly.

6.Be Genuine and Sincere

Again, don’t go overboard with your conversations. You don’t want to push boundaries too far, especially if you haven’t met in person yet. In online dating, it is tempting and very easy to make yourself appear better and lie just to get the girl’s attention.

Some men feel intimated when they see pictures of beautiful Chinese women and look for ways to impress them, even if it means hiding their true identity. However, this can cause problems in the long run. Relationships are better when they are genuine and sincere.


Most men find it difficult to keep the conversation going with a girl they have met on online dating sites. However, it can be life-changing when you meet Chinese girls in Australia online and you can take it a notch higher. Just be honest with your intentions and follow the tips above to help you.

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