Things to Do When You Feel Life is Meaningless

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If you’re reading this, it means you’re in the same boat as millions of other people on this planet who feel their life is meaningless.

The state of meaninglessness usually starts with that nagging feeling when you begin questioning pretty much everything in your life.

It’s difficult to get yourself to sleep as you lie awake in your bed, trying to figure out the meaning of life. Sounds familiar?

You tell yourself, “I will wake up tomorrow, and try to find that meaning.”

But you wake up and see no change

You hop on a bus or subway and you see all these people – going to or from work or studies – just standing there, staring at each other or at their phones.

And you can’t help but ask yourself, “Why are they all doing this? Do they know how ridiculous this whole thing is?

And this vicious cycle repeats itself over and over again… until depression, hopelessness, and oftentimes – suicide thoughts – start creeping in.

That’s when you know you’re in trouble.


A Meaningless Life: What Is It and How Did You Get There?

If you’re feeling meaningless, it’s because you don’t feel excited about life anymore. You’re not living the life you hoped to live at this moment. And deep down you know that it’s impossible for you to live the kind of life you dreamt of.

You didn’t question the meaning of life much when you were studying at school, college or university. It’s because you had the purpose and hope.

Your purpose was to graduate and the hope was to have the life you envisioned. But as you enter a new phase of life, you lose all hope, and the feeling of meaninglessness sets in.

You feel your life is meaningless when you realize you’re not living the life you hoped for. It can happen after you graduate or get married… You begin asking yourself, “Is this really it? Isn’t there something bigger in this life for me?

You get divorced/break up and you feel meaningless, especially if you’d found purpose in your significant other. Or you have kids, and you raise them (you have a purpose), and then they grow up and move out and your life becomes meaningless.

There are plenty of factors that drag you down and beat you with sticks – hard and painfully – as you question the meaning of life…

You’ve been told that this feeling of meaninglessness can go away through distractions or spiritual experiences – so you start entertaining yourself with TV shows and do yoga for hours… But it doesn’t help.

Because the root of meaninglessness is deep down within YOU. It’s time to do some digging and soul-searching to find out if you can still regain the meaning of life.


Don’t Look For Happiness – Look For Purpose

You’ve probably noticed how we repeat the word “purpose” over and over again. Many people think that re-finding happiness is how you cure a meaningless life.

Well, wrong!

In fact, two studies – in 2010 and 2013 – found that many people who think their life is meaningless still enjoy their lives.

When you find purpose, you find passion, happiness and meaningfulness all in one package.

Only the purpose can drive your life in the right direction – towards a meaningful life. But make no mistake: purpose isn’t something that stays with you from age 1 to the end of your life.

Purpose isn’t static. It can be the drive to graduate, get married, get hired to work a dream job, have kids, achieve the body of your dreams, travel around the world… You see, finding a purpose is a very individualized thing.

Only you know what makes your life complete, exciting, happy and meaningful.

Pause, Get Lost: Rediscover Yourself

If you feel your life is meaningless right now – pause everything. If you truly want to rediscover yourself, do anything that is the opposite of what you’re doing right now.

Change your lifestyle entirely, quit your job if it makes you feel miserable, abandon the people that make you feel depressed and bad about your life…

Get scared, get uncomfortable and start the rediscovery process. Live an entirely different life and look for a new purpose that would drive your passion and happiness.

Listen only to yourself, don’t listen to other people. Make it your own journey. Being alone can be tough for most people, but only the inner dialogue can help you regain the meaning in life.

You live only one life. Why waste time on being miserable and depressed when you haven’t even tried to discover your true purpose on this planet?

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