Things to Avoid When You Get in an Argument with Chinese Babes

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Dating Chinese babes may look easy but there are a few things that may rub them the wrong way and put you in big trouble. For example, Chinese people love their culture, so, if you ever dare to make fun of their culture or do as much as question something, you will end up being single, traumatized enough to never be able to mingle.

If you fight with your Chinese girl often, it does not mean there is something wrong with your relationship. According to relationship experts, fighting does not define a relationship, in fact, what you fight about says a lot about how toxic your relationship is. It is very important to have a fair fight and follow a few rules of the war. This way, you will communicate effectively and ensure that your relationship survives the storm.chinese babes

Here are some important points that you have to remember while having and argument or a fight. Never ever do the following:

  1. Never Fight to Win

One of the biggest things you can for your girl Chinese or not Chinese; is to always fight logically. Never ever fight to win and create two parties in the process. Always make your point clear and stick to it rather than dragging in other issues simply to gain extra points and win. When you are in a relationship, an argument or disagreement is never about winning or losing. You should rather think about solving the problem in hand and fixing it permanently.

  1. Do not Play the Blame Game

When you find your girl on one of the Chinese dating website, know that fights happen and they happen real bad sometimes. Blaming each other during a bad time and trying to win over a brownie point doesn’t work. When your honeymoon phase gets over and you start fighting like a cat and dog; always remember not to point fingers at one another and accept your own mistakes when at fault.

  1. Never Walk Away in the Middle of it

Completely shutting down or quitting right in the middle of an argument is known as ‘Stonewalling’. Doing this will make your partner feel shocked and confused. This is because, the problem is still unsolved but your walking away leaves your partner alone and wondering about what needs to be done. If you are on any of the single women dating sites and looking to settle down soon, make sure to learn these points for a long-lasting relationship. Voice your concerns, talk it out and fight till you have found a solution but never walk away or sleep over a chinese girl

  1. Do not Discuss Past Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes committed during an argument is bringing up past mistakes. Most people do this unknowingly to get an upper hand in the situation and ‘win’. This is where everything starts getting complicated. Bringing up past mistakes clearly indicates that you are incapable of forgiving and also points to the fact that you are in it to win it. Both of these points are extremely damaging to a relationship and won’t help you build a life with single Chinese women.

  1. Do not Scream

Yelling and screaming are a very obvious part of a disagreement. When emotions run high, it becomes really hard to keep a control on the volume and the frustration. But this has to be done in order to ensure that the fight does not get worse. An Asian Chinese girl will never be able to tolerate her partner screaming at her and will clearly take it as further disrespect and misbehavior. So, try to keep your volume low and also, try to make sense. No argument is ever settled with a high-pitched volume and screaming.

  1. Do not Use the Silent Treatment

Silent treatment or not talking at all is one of the most hurtful methods of making a point. It is actually a trick to win a fight. If you are planning on using it, stop and think. What do you want? Do you want to win or simply make a point? Talking and communicating what you are thinking work better in a relationship with sexy young Chinese girls. Do not leave your partner guessing the reason behind your bad mood. Silent treatment will never solve the issue at hand and will in fact worsen it because your partner will feel extremely confused and hurt.

  1. Never Ever Raise your Hand

Sometimes, tempers soar so high that you will feel like hitting your partner. Yes, that happens but the best way of the situation is to avoid doing that at all costs. Hitting your partner is both disrespectful and illegal. This is not how men solve treat women to solve issues. Hitting is clearly physical abuse and never ever do that if you love your partner and also if you plan to stay out of jail. No one deserves to be physically hurt, not even the Chinese babes. Find better ways to vent out.

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