Thai Women Dating Rules That You Should not Follow

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Let’s be honest, we’ve probably heard about certain rules we should follow when courting Thai women or even just dating anyone in general, and while they do help us, they’re not always a hundred percent accurate. We’re all different anyway, and dating is more subjective.

Some rules are based on outdated traditional norms and social roles expected from us, so you’re encouraged to think outside the box, especially when they’re rules which are not ideal in today’s time anymore.

If you’re into Thai dating right now, this can be applied too. Here are some “rules” you may think will work when dating one, but trust me, they aren’t really necessary:

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Not Talking About Controversial Topics

If you think about beautiful Thai girls, you’ll likely imagine their culture and how different they may be to you. While this excites you, you may wonder how to make a connection with one. Well, one way of doing so is by getting to know her through meaningful conversations.

Some may say that including controversial topics such as politics is not a good way to initiate a conversation, but this is not always true. In fact, one way of knowing your compatibility is by asking their views on such matters. Plus, it deepens a conversation even more.

Play around with the topic for a bit, and if she’s enthusiastic, it’s a good sign to go on. If you’re not interested, you can opt this out. The point of this is that don’t be too conscious about inserting a controversial topic or not. It doesn’t always end up as a disaster.

Being Unavailable

You don’t have to be on a lot of Thailand dating sites to know that this is already an outdated rule. While some may still follow the play-hard-to-get rule, not all have the time to do this anymore. Today, dating has become more accessible through apps and online chat, so interactions are faster and easier. So, the moment you use the “don’t respond right away” card, it’s likely that you’ll be replaced by a much more available suitor.

Instead, be direct and find the balance between finding time for someone and making time for yourself. This makes you attractive and mature to single Thai ladies out there, so don’t worry about appearing as needy.

Fussing Over Who Makes the First Move

It doesn’t mean that just because you’re a guy, you’ll have to do all of the first moves. When it comes to Thai online dating, overthinking about always trying to initiate the interaction is not productive. Usually, it’s expected for Asian women to act timid and passive at all times, but this isn’t always the case. Times are changing, and women are much more open nowadays. Plus, the heavy pressure men receive because of traditional gender roles is somehow unfollowed, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Not fussing over who gets to lead the relationship is better since overthinking will not only frustrate you but will probably affect her too. However, if this does not bother you at all, you can always initiate, but it’s definitely okay to let loose sometimes and let her do the initiating. Let it flow naturally. In time, you’ll find your dynamics anyway.

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Not Getting Intimate Until the Third Date

While this may be generally expected, if this is not your style and that both of you are on the same boat about intimacy, then there is no need to wait until the third date to bring your relationship to the next level. Being intimate is part of knowing your partner, but you’ll also have to consider what is comfortable for the both of you.

There is really no overall rule as to when is the proper time to upgrade a relationship. Even Asian countries like Thailand do not follow this rule at all times anymore. Still, it’s ideal if you both communicate your expectations and needs for a smoother relationship.

Also, do consider what intimacy is for you. This way, these beautiful Thai babes won’t take your moves wrongly. Plus, with the right person, they’ll appreciate you being honest, thus gaining more respect.

Giving Multiple Chances

After dating all these gorgeous Thai women, you’ve finally decided you’ve found one. But, after some time, you think that you’re never going to work out. Well, it’s okay for you to end the relationship right away. While some will tell you to keep on pushing and give chances, it would still be up to you when to let go.

It’s easy to get pressured with the comments some people tell us, expecting us to stay and giving us unwarranted advice, but it’s best to really follow what your gut tells you. Get rid of society’s expectations about being nice and giving chances. When you think you don’t have time for drama, you can always opt to move on.

Now that you’re aware of some of the common “rules” imparted to us when it comes to dating, you’re aware that you don’t really have to follow all of these. Of course, if you feel like doing some of them and that your partner is also in the same boat, you can practice them.

The point is, you don’t have to feel any pressure with all of these regulations attached in dating, but if you have no problem doing them, then it’s fine. Happy dating Thai singles online!

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