Stages Of Online Dating With Filipino Girls That You Must Follow

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The primary founding idea of having the internet was to eliminate social isolation. Some people achieved it differently, but it became possible for single people like Filipino girls or other nationalities through online dating.

It is undeniable that some romantic stories around the world happened online, and it is promising. In the Philippines, online dating is mainstream as 71% of Filipinos have engaged with different online dating sites. And 56% of them are Filipina women.

But do you know that most singles who participate in online dating find the term “dating” exhausting? The thought of meeting people on dates several times that will take months is indeed overwhelming. Thus, most singles would prefer to meet Filipino singles, pass the phases of courtship and just proceed to the next level after swiping right to being in a relationship instantly.

However, this is not the case if you want to find your perfect match, especially for Filipina singles with a conservative culture who still wish to undergo the stages of courtship. Also, you should not hurry because love takes time.

Similar to the conventional way of courtship, the process of online dating consists of various stages, and including them in your list might help you meet your perfect match realistically. If you are interested to know more, continue reading until the end.

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Stages of Online Dating

These are the main stages of online dating that you should look forward to:

  • Joining A Dating Site

The days have passed when you are embarrassed to join an dating site. Nowadays, online dating is one of the most popular methods of meeting your future partner. It is a fact that searching for your true love online can be a challenge.

Deciding on an online dating platform is the first step to get started. Most Filipino ladies are active in using these services for online dating.

  • Make Your Profile

Making a profile is the second step in the dating process. Your dating profile should be considered your CV for love, and start selecting your best selfie photos.

Here’s a hint, it is better if you have a selection of photos (six jaw-dropping photos may do), as women worldwide, like single Filipino women, decide to make the first move. You might want to ask your friend’s advice in choosing your best photos. Also, make sure you are wearing different outfits, put on bright-colored shirts, and of course, wear your perfect smile.

Also, you may want to add full-length, close-up shots, or you can include your pet in your profile if you have one. Moreover, dating apps and sites will gather basic information such as age, age preference, and the distance you are willing to travel to meet someone.

Since the pandemic surge, most singles have widened their search parameters up to 500 meters or even more. This has paved the way for more single men to meet women of different nationalities, like meeting Philippine girls. Also, it is because most single people are currently working from home. Thus, it is easy to move places for love.

Another thing to consider is your relationship setup preferences. It is essential to be honest in this part; you can add by stating that you are looking for a long-term relationship or not searching for a serious relationship.

  • Matching and Swiping

This stage is where the fun begins. Your profile will frequently show for a few weeks if you are new to a dating app to view more people. Another suggestion is to log in your dating account three times per day to spend moments browsing and looking for potential matches.

Or you also have an option to search your preferred parameters proactively. To receive updates and notifications, make sure that your mobile device is set to receive notifications for new matches and messages to start meeting people right away.

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  • Communicating

Once you find a match you are interested in, remember that you must send a message within 24 hours. Now, this is the moment to boost your communication skills. Saying one word like ‘Hey’ would not get people’s attention.

When engaging in online dating, make sure to spend time cracking witty ice-breakers, and do not forget to state your match’s first name. Once you start a conversation, always keep the energy going, perhaps just like chatting with a friend. You can add emojis like smiles or winks to express you are fun and flirty.

  • Meeting the Your Match In Real Life

When you decide to go on a date after exchanging messages, make sure that you have built mutual trust through online communication. The best thing to do is to be straightforward if you two click. Remember that you are not the only person on your match’s lists, so go for it.

Meeting in public places is ideal for your first date for you to feel safe. You must also find out your date’s interest or any preferences based on nationality. If you’re dating Filipina women, they would love to go for adventures like hiking or see galleries and museums.

  • Dating Exclusively

When it comes to dating, having labels matters to women more than men. This scenario happens when you like someone after having multiple dates, and it is vital that both parties feel the same way.

Make sure to understand the meaning of “dating exclusively” for you and your match, as this can mean being committed or going steady.

  • Becoming Official

Agreeing to become official means that it is about time to take down your profile in online dating. You should celebrate at this moment as you fulfill your relationship goal. Deleting all your profiles is one way to show that you are committed and not looking for other choices.


Dating has become virtual since the pandemic. It helps single people expand their parameters and reach different nationalities worldwide, like dating Filipina girls.

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