How to Look After Your Chinese Girlfriend When You Cannot Meet

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Are you in a long-distance relationship and you are wondering how best to look after your beautiful Chinese girlfriend? Or has the lockdown brought a distance to your relationship?

Well, unlike popular belief, long-distance relationships can still work. However, it requires both parties to put in more effort to keep the fire of their love burning. This is particularly true when you are dating a Chinese girl. Unlike women of the west, Chinese ladies are a bit shy and reserved.

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do still assure her of your love and genuine care. Here is a complete guide on how to look out for your Chinese girlfriend when you two cannot meet.

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1. Learn and Understand Her Culture

One thing you should know about Chinese women is that they love their heritage and culture. You need to take the time to learn more about the Chinese culture and traditions to better understand what are Chinese women like.

Knowing the cultural differences is important for any successful Chinese American dating. When you understand and appreciate her culture, she will feel that you are more interested in knowing her even when you two are apart. Also, get to know about her family and talk about them often. This is a sure way to win her over even more.

2. Compliment Her

Nearly every girl, and especially Asian beauties, love to be complimented. Do not throw out shallow compliments. Make the compliments genuinely from the heart to make her feel like the queen she is. Complimenting your girl will assure her that you still find her attractive and this can overcome every insecurity that comes with long-distance relationships.

3. Become Her Friend

Every girl wants a friend that they can talk to without feeling judged and this is no exception for any Asian Chinese girl. You need to be a genuine friend that she can freely confide in about her insecurities, fear, and weaknesses.

She still wants to know that she can always reach out to you even when you two cannot meet. Give her a strong shoulder to cry on and do not judge her even when she is a mess.

4. Be a Good Listener

This goes hand in hand with being a friend. Being a good listener is something you should keep in mind when you meet Chinese ladies. These beauties love it when you give them your undivided attention and do some active listening. No passing judgment, just actively listening to what she has to say.

Sometimes just letting her vent her feelings is enough to make her feel good. Sometimes, they get over an issue once they have talked it through without someone passing judgment. Just listening to her will show that you care and she will trust you more for that. Also, take part in the conversation but do not judge.

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5. Spend Time with Her

It is very important to spend time with your gorgeous Chinese girlfriend. Since you cannot meet physically, make every effort to meet virtually via a video chat. Spending time with her shows her that you care. Give her a call before going to sleep in the night and forget to check up on her the next day.

6. Value Her Opinions

An Asian Chinese girl does value her independence. She loves making decisions and expressing opinions. If you want to win her love and trust, make sure you appreciate and value her opinions.

Do not try to force your views, opinions, and decisions on her. Especially when it comes
to her culture and her way of doing things. Learn to accept and value the way she thinks.

7. Remember Important Dates

Another way to look after your Chinese girl is to always remember important dates like her birthday and other special days. While you can’t be there to celebrate her big days, sending her best wishes goes a long way toward showing that you really care for her.

You can also do something to surprise her even if it means sending her flowers. Just be creative and she will love you for that.

8. Treat Her With Respect

You must show her respect for your girl at all times even if you argue. If you want your China love date to continue with the relationship, you must respect her, her culture, and her independence.

Do not trash-talk her or her family as this only shows a lack of respect. Not respecting her could even mark the end of your relationship.

9. Admit it when You are Wrong

Hey, nobody is perfect. You are bound to have your own set of flaws and issues. There will be times when you are wrong, when you forget an important date, or when you let her down.

Your Asian girlfriend will respect you for being man enough to admit you were wrong. A genuine apology and a firm decision to make amends will go a long way in cementing your relationship. Besides, this will prevent arguments that could destroy your relationship.

10. Keep the Communication Constant

As aforementioned, meeting with your girl online can help when you can’t meet physically. However, you need to be consistent with your communications. Otherwise, you two are likely to drift apart even without knowing.


Once you find a Chinese girlfriend, you need to put in more effort to win and keep her love. This is especially important when you are far from each other. Each of the tips provided above will make her feel good and secure about your relationship at all times.

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