How to Get a Chinese Girlfriend During Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the most important celebration that is observed in China. It signals the start of a new year and the beginning of spring, making it a good time to get a Chinese girlfriend.

Chinese New Year has cultural and historical significance and is celebrated across the country and throughout the world. According to China’s lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year of 2021 is celebrated from Feb.11- Feb18.

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The evening before the first day of these festivities is spent having dinner with family. Other activities undertaken through the 15 days include; buying new clothes, putting up decorations, shopping, giving red packets, and exchanging oranges.
The main of the festivities is to reunite with family and promote good fortune for the coming year. Traditionally, the celebrations were meant to give rest to farmers and workers after a year-long hard labor.

Dating During Chinese New Year

During this time, most single Chinese women dread the thought of returning home for the festivities. This is due to the constant badgering and pressure to get married. Thus, most dating sites are packed with Chinese women looking for men to date.

This, therefore, means that it’s a good time to get on top online dating sites like AsiaMe and see if you can meet the girl of your dreams. However, if you are seeking to date a Chinese lady during the Chinese New Year, there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

Below are 5 things to consider when dating Chinese women online during Chinese New Year.

  • Understand her Need for Family Time

Visiting family members and enjoying a big family is part of the activities that take place during Chinese New Year. In fact, most hot Chinese girls who are far away from home travel back for family reunions. Families gather around to watch the New Year Gala show, exchange gifts and watch fireworks.

Therefore, it means that your Chinese date may be online to chat as they used to be. For this reason, it is a good idea to give her adequate space to spend with her family and just check on her from time to time.

  • Show Interest in Their Culture

If you want to successfully date a Chinese lady, then you must show interest in their culture, religion, tradition and food.

Chinese New Year is the most observed tradition in the Chinese calendar. This tradition is deeply rooted in their culture and it remains an important occasion for the Chinese. Hence, showing interest in this tradition is a great way to capture her heart.

Get more information about this important tradition and immerse yourself every possible way. This is the secret to finding a Chinese girlfriend.

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  • Send Her Wishes

During Chinese New Year, people give red packets because red is a lucky color in Chinese culture. Red is associated with good luck and fortune. Family members or employers exchange money in a red envelope, also known as “lucky money.”

Originally, red envelopes were used to suppress the demons while giving money. Also, there are customs about the person giving and the amount of money given in a red envelope.

Therefore, you can use this season of good will and send a pretty lady in Chinese date a red envelope. Alternatively, you can send her a prosperous New Year message that says “Gong Xi Fa Cai. “ This is a good gesture and a great way of letting her know that you are thinking of her.

  • Wear Colorful Clothes

The Chinese people wear red and other brightly-colored clothes during the New Year. As aforementioned, red symbolizes good luck and is believed to scare away evil spirits. Red and gold colors are especially considered auspicious.

They also believe that wearing new clothes during the New Year is a sign of a new start and fresh hope.
Therefore, if you are planning to have a physical meeting with a good looking Chinese woman that you met online, ensure to observe this tradition. The last thing you want is to offend anyone.

You want to avoid colors like black and white, which are associated with illness or funerals and are considered inauspicious or unlucky. Luckily, there are more modern outfits that would be appropriate for your date and still observe the dressing rules for Chinese New Year.

  • Avoid Negative Expressions

When chatting with northern Chinese women during Chinese New Year, it is best to refrain from using negative expressions. You should also not start or engage in conversations that talk ill of others.

According to the Lunar New Year, this is a time to promote abundance and joy. So, negative expressions will only draw the woman you are interested in away. Instead, show her love and use flattery to let her know that she is beautiful.

  • Stroll Through Chinatown

If your special lady accepts a physical meeting, take her to a stroll through China town to watch the annual festive street light-up. Usually, the streets are filled with sculptured lanterns that feature season greeting, flowers, the ox and many more.

Alternatively, you can take her for a virtual heritage tour around Chinatown. These are just great ways to enjoy the traditions of the Chinese New Year for single dating.


Unlike Western women, Chinese ladies care much about their culture and traditions and the Chinese New Year is no exception. By observing the above dating Chinese girl tips, you will win the heart of a Chinese lady with ease and even take your relationship to another level.

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