How to Become a Confident Person: Seemingly Impossible, Made Easy

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Being confident comes naturally but is lost or stolen away from you along the way.

You didn’t enter this world feeling insecure about your shape or your look. You didn’t come out of the womb fearing that people may be judging you.

If you dig deeper into your own history with lack of confidence, you’ll learn that you were once a confident person, but that self-esteem was lost or stolen along the way.

It was either some traumatic event in your life, you growing insecure about your looks  or being cut from society.

Whatever is the case, do keep in mind that confidence had been your second nature before it started shrinking down.

If you know the cause of your low self-esteem, it becomes much easier to find the cure and become a confident person.



Be Comfortable With Who You Are

While it may sound cliché, only those who are soul-searching and struggling with low self-esteem know that being comfortable with who you are is the No. 1 thing you should do to become more confident.

Tap into the confidence you were born with. Do you remember those carefree years when you were happy and not caring about other people’s judgmental thoughts?

But then you started caring about how other people perceive you. You started forming doubts about your look or behavior. You became a silent person who avoids society or can’t achieve things you want because of lack of confidence.

Stop what you’re doing and pause for a second. Are you really willing to spend the precious years of your life feeling like a mess?

Something went wrong at some point of your life. Whatever this is, it’s time to start learning to be comfortable with who you are.

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Understand who you are and learn to love yourself for your strengths. The only way out is through And do keep in mind that when you were just born – you had no skills in life whatsoever – and yet you were as confident as you can be.



Enjoy the Present and Take Risks

Enjoying the present is the art that only confident people have mastered.

When you constantly beat yourself up about your past failures or traumas and constantly worry about your future, you’ll never be a confident person in the present.

Your present is what makes you – you. If you lack confidence now, no matter how hard you hope to be a confident person in the future, you’ll never be it.

Present life gives you a whole array of opportunities to enjoy it. You can travel, you can meet new people, you can become whoever you want!

For people with self-esteem, however, doing something in the present is tough, as it’s scary to get out of the ‘comfort’ zone and do something new.

People who lack confidence only do things they are comfortable with – the things that won’t arouse other people’s judgmental thoughts – but they never take risks.

If you don’t take risks, you’ll never be able to truly enjoy the present. You’ll never meet the girl of your dreams if you lack confidence to approach girls.

You’ll never achieve the body you want if you feel insecure training at a public gym with hundreds of sweaty, muscular fellas staring at you.

That’s why you have to jump right into it and face your fears head on. Take risks and enjoy the present.

Embrace the Unknown

Contrary to the popular belief, confidence isn’t about controlling everything that happens in your life. In fact, no confident person is capable of that.

Think about it: even confident people lose jobs, get divorced or have health issues. But confident people embrace the unknown and are able to face anything that comes their way bravely.  Sometimes life happens, it’s all about how you cope.

It’s easier to boost your self-esteem when you know that you don’t have to be able to control everything in your life to be confident. All you need to find the key to confidence is being able to meet challenges with sheer confidence.

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