Dating Chinese Women – How to Balance the Cultural Differences During Holidays?

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Dating Chinese women is one of the best decisions western men can do, and while these ladies are charming and fun to be with, we can never deny the cultural differences present amongst these cultures – for instance, holidays. And now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it’s not surprising if she’ll tell you that’s she’s feeling out of place.

This is one of the challenges beautiful Chinese girls experience when they’re in a cross-cultural relationship. That’s why you being the gentleman should do something to make her feel involved in the upcoming occasion or on any other celebrations.

How do you balance and deal with such a situation? The tips below are some of the simplest yet effective ways you could let her feel welcomed and involved during the holidays.single chinese lady

Explain the Meaning of the Holiday

When you don’t want a cultural clash to happen, it’s crucial that you explain to her the meaning behind the occasion. For example, this coming Thanksgiving, explain to her what makes this holiday important in your country, and tell her the history and meaning behind it.

Because you’re not on Chinese online dating sites anymore, inviting her during such a time is actually a big deal, so it’s best if you’re going to introduce this to her in a detailed manner, especially when she’s really interested to know.

Doing this will actually let her enjoy the festivity genuinely since she understands the essence of it. Likewise, if you’re in her country and is celebrating a specific holiday in her place, she can do the same. This is what cross-cultural dating is about – learning and appreciating each other’s holidays and traditions. If you want to find balance and ease during these times, start embracing different social practices.

Prep Her with the Details

Now that you’ve already told her about the history behind a holiday, you can now prep her with the details. Tell her what to expect on such an occasion. If you’re taking her in your place this Thanksgiving, let her know how it usually unfolds. This will not only intrigue her but excite her as well. And since you’ll be the one hosting the said event, you’ll be able to give here all the details smoothly – what to wear, what to bring, when to come, and the like.

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Doing this is a considerate move that will let her feel special. It’s like letting her know that you want her there and to be a part of the occasion. Do this on other holidays as well. We all have a bunch of holidays, so Thanksgiving isn’t the only one that you should explain to her.

Prepping her up with the details will let her know what to do during the moment, so no matter how different her culture is to yours, she’ll have a little background about it at least. Doing so will also encourage her to do the same thing once you go to her country to celebrate her holidays, making this beneficial for both of you. If you want to convince beautiful single women what holidays are like in your country, don’t miss this step.

Let Her Get to Know the Food

Culture also means food, and because she’s a woman from the east, expect that your dishes and delicacies are somehow different. If you’re one of the lucky guys to be dating a young Chinese woman, let her experience your culture by introducing your country’s food. One great time to do so is during the holidays. As Thanksgiving is approaching soon, give her a little background as to what’s usually prepared here.

It’s likely that she knows about the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie – foods which are common and popular in a lot of nations, probably even in her country too – so she’ll definitely find these relatable. Most likely, she’ll not find these too exotic, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re still going to let her know what foods are going to be prepared in advance.

She’ll surely appreciate the effort, giving her an idea to do the same once it’s your turn to experience her culture too. It’s a great way to balance the difference between each other’s traditions as both of you aren’t only learning but also experiencing different kinds of foods – definitely, a scrumptious and exciting way to bond over the holidays.

Introduce Her to Your Family Traditions

To score a date with one of these single Chinese women, allowing them to get to know your family is a step forward for them. If both of you are already close enough to invite each other for the holidays, it’s expected that you start introducing each other’s family traditions too.

If you’re taking her this Thanksgiving or planning to bring her in more family celebrations, let her feel at ease by explaining to her what traditions your family has. Does your family enjoy a huge potluck event? Do your family members gather in one house to party all day? It’s important that she knows these details so that she’ll be prepared enough for this possible cultural shock.

If being in a Chinese girl chat room is not too stressful for you. Think differently when you’re already seriously dating one, especially during the holidays. However, don’t think that it’s impossible to make her feel accepted in your family circle – it just only takes time and effort before she starts to warm up.

You start by knowing how to meet single women online, but now that you’re already in the process of introducing your pretty Chinese partner to your holidays, take note of the tips above to assure that she’ll have a grand time.

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