Chinese Dating – Overcoming Shyness to Find a Chinese Girlfriend

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Has your shyness kept you away from finding the Chinese girlfriend of your dreams? Perhaps every time you want to say hello, your palms feel sweaty. Could it be also that your brain goes blank, and you cannot think of anything to say when you meet Chinese ladies?

Worry no more!

We know that Chinese American dating can be tricky. This article will give you 7 tips that will help you the perfect Chinese girl for you.

Chinese girlfriend

Tip One: Mitigate your Self-consciousness

Do not be too self-conscious. Yes, this is easier said than done.

Self-consciousness is grounded on certain thinking patterns. This faulty thinking pattern about socializing grows over the years. So do not expect instant change. While it may take time for you to change you thinking, it will get easier as soon as you start.

One way to reduce your self-consciousness is to make a list of things you want to change.

For example, many men struggle with feeling confident about their dressing. If you are one of them, start to practice good hygiene, upgrade your wardrobe and get a manly perfume.

Your confidence level will increase when you look and feel good. You will be able to strut confidently, and you are more likely to feel more comfortable having conversations with women. Your China love date will appreciate it too!

Tip Two: Try New Things

Another great tip to overcome shyness in the dating world is to try new things, even if it makes you anxious. You may not be great at it to start with, but as you practice, you will get better and gain mastery. This can serve as a conversation starter with the Asian Chinese girl of your dream.

This is important because she will ask what you like to do! A research study showed that these Asian beauties love western men because they are fun-loving, and love to enjoy life.

Perhaps you’re wondering where to start. Here are some ideas: pick a new hobby, join a club, learn a new skill. You can also experiment with cooking, playing a new instrument and many more. So, make the most of life and try new things!

Tip Three: Build Your Resilience

If you want to a find Chinese girlfriend, you need to be determined and resilient. Most men who struggle with shyness bolt the minute they perceive a socially awkward situation. Awkwardness can truly take a toll on confidence.

To overcome awkward situations, learn to take deep breaths. Stop turning one awkward moment into the biggest catastrophe of your life.

It is okay to make mistakes, so do not beat yourself up and refuse to try again. Do not turn awkward scenarios into an “everything/me/always” mindset. This mindset makes you think that socializing is threatening and stressful.

Tip Four: Learn to Accept Rejection Graciously

Oftentimes, men are shy when interacting with women because they want to be liked back. Although it hurts and bruises the ego, learn how to respond well to rejection.

Be at peace with the simple fact that not every girl you contact will respond positively. It is totally fine, and it happens to everyone. Learn to accept that not everyone will dig your vibe.

While rejection can be emotionally deflating, especially if you really like a girl, do not take it personally. There is nothing wrong with you! Remember, even Tom Hanks has haters!

Give yourself time to heal and learn from your mistakes. Then, accept the rejection and move on. Resist the toxic habit of wanting to self-hate and criticize. The Asian Chinese girl made for you will appreciate and respond well to you.

Chinese dating

Tip Five: Start Practicing Socialization Etiquette

Do not wait until you have a date with your Chinese girl to practice how to socialize well. Start practicing from today when have a conversation with someone online. When a social interaction goes very well, it will make you feel confident, a trait that is attractive to women.

Begin by making eye contact when you talk to people. Do this in the grocery store, at the car park, and in other everyday situations. Give hugs to friends and keep your head high when you walk. Another tip is to make your voice heard when you speak.

Beginning with small interactions is less threatening. When you are comfortable with that, set slightly bigger goals. Go to a small party, speak up in a small meeting – step out of your comfort zone. The more you practice, the better you will become at social situations.

Tip Six: Learn How to Love Yourself

Learn to love yourself just as you are. No one is perfect, and you do not need to be perfect to find the Chinese girl of your dreams.

Practice self-love daily and always strive to be a better version of yourself. Also, remember that not everyone is scrutinizing or judging you.

Tip Seven: Focus on Her

The less time you spend focusing on yourself, the less anxious and shy you will feel. Focus on your date instead. How can you compliment her? How can you help her out? What are her likes and dislikes?

Offer to carry her bag, plan a date, and any other thing that will make her feel at ease. Let her communicate and respond back.

Think about what you can do to make her feel more at ease. Chances are, she may feel a little nervous too!
She is likely to notice your social graces, and you will be so preoccupied with thinking about her that you will forget your self-consciousness. It’s a double win.


Have you ever asked, “What are Chinese women like?” Well, just like any other women, Chinese women love a confident man. The above tips will help you overcome shyness and help you find a gorgeous Chinese girl of your dreams.

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