Asian Girls Dating Online: Love under Lockdown

Posted on Mar 31, 2020 by in Dating Advice

How do we find love in the age of Coronavirus, when everything is uncertain with Asian girls dating ? We always know that there are Asian ladies out there, go for them! Until the lockdown took away all the options, we can not even leave the house. Dating seems impossible. But is it really impossible to find love during the outbreak of Coronavirus? We are always here to help out.

Vietnamese women dating

We would like to say that staying home or self-quarantine actually increases your change of scoring a date on Sounds ridiculous? Here is why.

Since the lockdown of many cities in various countries, there has been a major increase of online dating site users. Single Asian women become more active in online dating sites because they have to stay home. There is an increase of 17% reply rate comparing to Feb. 2020. Staying home doing nothing? You can re-start online dating. Read on we will tell you the new rules of online dating.

dating Vietnamese girls online

Stay home, stay safe

We are often asked to “put yourself out there” if you want to meet Asian women. This time, we want you to stay home. Why? Staying home means you are in self-quarantine, it says a lot about you being responsible. And women are attracted to responsible men who are considered potential lifetime partners. Moreover, if you stay home you will have more time to write yourself a dating profile that really tells people who you are. Let alone you can spend more time in searching for love without distraction.

Make the first move

You are a gentleman, making the first move is what gentlemen do. Don’t be shy or timid if the beautiful Asian ladies do not reply. In this time everyone feels lonely and terrified, a warm message from a stranger can turn into something more. If someone does not reply to your message, wait for a while and send another one. If still nothing, move on to other gorgeous Asian women. Being ignored happens especially with young Asian girls, don’t take it personally. Use the pandemic as an ice-breaker, tell her how you feel about it and comfort her if she is upset. We all should look after each other.

Build virtual connection

Building meaningful connection can be hard, it takes time and effort, or it’s just feelings. You are probably thinking if this is a weird time hoping to meet Asian singles. You are not alone. has seen a significant usage of Live Chat and CamShare over the past two weeks. During tough times, love is what we can count on. The quarantine may make us feel isolated, but if you look at the bright side, it forces us to slow down with things. Take it easy when it comes to dating as well, spend more time communicating before finally meeting in real life. Time is what you have for now, plenty of it, why rush things?

Take advantage of the quarantine life, hopefully it helps you out in your love life. It’s the hard times that make things better. Next time when you see some attractive Asian women on, don’t hesitate to send a message. It may start a new chapter of your life.

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