Asiame: Twenty Tips to Conquer your Crush on a Mature Chinese Woman

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Everyone has had a crush at one time or the other, your heart pounds when you see your crush, your palms sweat and you might get very shy and nervous. It gets even harder when your crush is a mature Chinese woman. The good news however, is that no matter who you are crushing on, there are ways to win them over. Chinese girls are easy to talk to and this article would offer twenty tips on how to talk to nice Chinese girls.

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#1 Look good: If you want to talk to hot Chinese girls, then you must look good yourself. Have you noticed that your self-confidence tends to increase when you know you look good?

#2 Be a good listener: Everyone loves a person with great communication skills. Listening is a great part of communication. Beautiful Chinese girls love to talk and if you are a guy who loves to listen then you are on the right path.

#3 Make her laugh: You do not have to force it. Buy her flowers and watch her face light up. crack simple original jokes and watch her laugh.

#4 Ask for their opinion: Make your crush feel more important by asking for their opinion on issues you are facing. If you are schoolmates, ask her to weigh in on your choice of electives. If you are work colleagues, ask her about work and try to take her advice.

#5 Be open minded: You have to keep an open mind when learning how to meet Hot Chinese Singles. Closed-minded men are a turn off for many ladies. Listen to her ideas and do not dismiss them. Remember all girls are not the same, Canadian Chinese girls for instance may have different cultures and beliefs from Chinese girls in China. So keep an open mind.

#6 Do not be rude: You should be polite at all times and most especially when you are with your crush, be polite to her and others. Hold doors open, help senior citizens, and be nice to service people.

#7 Talk: Don’t be too quiet or mysterious when you are with your crush. Tell her about you, your career and your family. However, don’t talk too much. Nobody likes a talkative. If you play your cards right, you would have yourself a beautiful hot Chinese girl in no time.

#8 Be interesting: Don’t be boring when you finally walk up to your crush. Show an interest in whatever they have to say and impress them by revealing the intelligent side of you.

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#9 Be daring: Impress your crush by being brave and daring. Try new foods, be willing to go bungee jumping or skydiving, if that is her kind of thing.

#10 Don’t be predictable: Try to be different from all others guys in the block. Be full of pleasant surprises that would make your crush look forward to going on a next date with you.

#11 Be generous: Don’t be scared to spend money on the first date out with your crush. If she is someone who prefers to pay for her own dates, do not oppose that too.

#12 Look stylish: Put a little bit more effort into your dressing, look up styling ideas on the internet and be sure you look good. Even when your interest is Chinese Christian dating, Christian girls love stylish guys

#13 Don’t be crashed by a no: If you walk up to your crush and you get a cold shoulder, remember to remain positive and leave it on a good note. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Leave room to try again.

#14 Make an effort: You cannot just go over and invite your crush to your house on a first date. Making an extra effort such as inviting her to a nice restaurant would make her feel special.

#15 Don’t creep her out: Don’t become a stalker. Do not be too much in her space. If she blows you off the first time, give her a while then try again. If she has made it quite clear she means no, then don’t force it, there would always be room to meet Chinese singles free in the future

#16 Surprise them: Even before you ask her out, surprise her with little nice gestures, such as asking how their day went, and actually remembering the details of your chats with her. This would prove you are a good listener and further endear you to her.

#17 Be a little goofy: As odd as this may sound, girls actually like guys who are a little goofy. Don’t be scared play around and show a little of your weird parts.

#18 Be real: Don’t make yourself into this prince charming with no obvious faults, be real about your beliefs and ideals. If you are not genuine, she would still find out anyway.

#19 Be nice to her friends: It would be in your favour if her friends happen to like you too, so be nice to every one of them.

#20 Take the bold step: You could read this article a million times but unless you summon up the courage, you may never be able to talk to your crush. So be bold, the worst thing she could say is no.

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