AsiaMe Shows Uptick in Online Dating’s Popularity During Winter Months

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As the cold weather season is just around the corner, there is a noticeable uptick in online dating activity during colder months. This was the finding by a new survey conducted by, one of the leading Asian dating sites in the world.

AsiaMe’s survey found that people are more engaged and active on dating sites when the weather gets colder. For many people, the need for physiological warmth is linked to physical coldness. For others, meanwhile, online dating is an effective cure to their winter-triggered loneliness.

The survey found that online dating activity on AsiaMe increases by nearly 35% between November and March, the period known as the “cuffing season.”

During colder months, singles are more likely to turn to online dating in an attempt to address their loneliness, anxiety, and lack of physical and physiological warmth.

But what does science have to say about an increasing number of active online daters during the colder season?

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Why Do More People Use Online Dating During Winter?

The existence of the so-called “cuffing season” is backed by science. The cuffing season begins somewhere around mid-October or the beginning of November when people have the desire to find someone to “cuff,” cuddle, and be with until it gets warm outside or for longer.

Science has an explanation as to why people have the urge to find a romantic partner during colder months. Studies show that men find women more attractive in colder months than in summer months despite the fact that colder weather is associated with less visible skin and more layers of clothing.

Scientists believe that it has something to do with the “supply and demand” factor. In summer months, more people are outside, which creates the illusion that supply is high. During colder months, meanwhile, fewer people go outside, which makes it seem as if the supply is low.

It appears that light and dark as well as cold and hot affect the levels of testosterone, estrogen, and other hormones. The science behind the “cuffing season” aligns with AsiaMe’s survey. Rising hormone levels prompt users to “cuff” and find a potential romantic partner, which is why online dating activity peaks during colder months.

Why AsiaMe is the Perfect Platform to Cure Cold-Induced Loneliness

AsiaMe encourages people not to resist their urge to meet new people during colder months. Now that the cuffing season is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to polish your online dating profile to boost your attractiveness on dating sites when the “demand” is high during user activity peaks.

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As a user has more free time during colder months, he or she can dedicate that time to making their online dating profile more approachable. Many online dating users see immediate success by simply uploading the right photo, so why not attend a professional photoshoot?

When singles have more free time during winter months, online dating conversations become more meaningful, allowing users to get to know each other better.

More importantly, AsiaMe noticed that more people use its CamShare during colder months as a way to keep themselves entertained and cure their weather-induced loneliness and sadness.

Although there is a bigger selection of active, single Asian women to choose from in the period between November and March, competition between single men is also high.

That’s why a male user can expect to succeed by putting more effort in online dating. That is: Sending customized messages instead of “Hi’s” or emojis, getting a high-quality, polished profile pic, and being more specific and fun when writing the bio description.

Join to find a single Asian girl. Winter is the perfect season to do it.

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