AsiaMe Reveals: Ways to Become the Kind of Person You’d Want in a Partner

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While it may be true in some very rare cases that opposites attract, the majority of the time people seek out others that compliment them. There is a reason the term is a “match”; finding someone we are merely compatible with goes beyond that. When looking for life partners, long-term commitments or marriage material, we honestly want someone similar to ourselves.

Therefore, gentlemen, before putting out into the universe a list of criteria of your ideal mate, has done some research to help you on your quest for true love. The biggest step is for you to be the kind of person you hope to find. It’s not an unreasonable request. For example, if you are seeking someone who is extroverted and friendly, can you say the same about yourself?

If, however, you are an extremely shy person, you are asking for an extremely one-sided relationship from the beginning and setting it up for failure. Therefore, review what you are seeking in a partner and honestly ask yourself if you are offering the same in return.

When dating an Asian woman, you can expect them to be sweet, educated, career-minded and family oriented. In Asian culture, most people do not get into a relationship without marriage being the long-term goal. In China, most young girls are married by 26 and its not unusual to see couples wearing matching clothing.

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Getting parental approval is extremely important. Without it, the relationship is doomed. Parents expect and want the best for their daughters, but many Chinese women are also career goal oriented too and will work alongside their husbands.

Chinese women are very good conversationalist and love to talk about a variety of subject to get to know each other better. Moreover, China has several subsections with their own cultures and traditions, and it’s beneficial to be a bit knowledgeable about the one from which your lady is from. The more interest you show in her, the more interest she will show in you.

Everyone knows that relationships are a give and take. They require work, time and effort. That includes on your part also. Try being the change you want to see in other people.

Project onto others the characteristics you are seeking in a partner and those people will start seeking you out. If you act like a shallow, sex-starved, job-hopping bum living in your momma’s basement, you can’t expect certain clientele to be very enthused by the possibility of dating you.

Asian women expect a certain level of respect, decorum, education, and success and their families won’t settle for anything less. If you want a long-lasting relationship with an attractive, honorable, smart, successful, family-oriented Chinese woman, you need to match her in qualifications.

Have Ambition

Asian beautifulMotivation, ambition, and drive are sexy as heck. The more motivated you are the more supportive of you she will be. This should work both ways. If she is career minded, always applaud her shining moments.

Honesty is Always Best

As stated earlier, most relationships in China culture have the end goal of marriage in mind. If this is not your goal be honest with whomever you are dating. Always be honest about your intentions with Chinese women; truthfully, it will go better in the long run.

Looking for Intelligence

If finding someone intellectually compatible is important to you, initiate intelligent conversation. Worst case scenario, you’re stuck with Asian Barbie, Good case scenario, you learn something new. Best case scenario, you have an evening filled with enlightening and engaging repartee.

Humor and Smiles

“There’s something in the way she smiles” Humor has been said also to be the best medicine. Gentlemen, if you want a girl to have a smile on her face all the time, give her something to smile about. Women go on more date with men that can make them laugh then the rugged athlete. I promise its true. If you need references, look up how many women David Spade has dated. If you like a woman with a good sense of humor and a beautiful smile, warm her heart and make her laugh; it works every time, but don’t be creepy about it. If the two of you can laugh together, you can share a lifetime of laughter together.

Be Open

There’s nothing better in a relationship than being able to passionately but respectfully argue your point of view about something with your partner. When you have that connection where you can express yourself and not get angry and then there’s the moment when one of you slightly concedes and says, “I get where you’re coming from.” Nothing is quite as hot or fun as being open with someone and them getting you, so you have to risk being open with future partners.

Gentlemen, Asian women are ready to meet you, but you have to be ready to meet them by putting your best forward. Think about what you want in a partner and make sure you equal your own standards. Follow our few guidelines and take a chance at meeting not just someone, but “that someone”, your “MATCH”.

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