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According to a recent study by Geoff MacDonald and Yoobin Park which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, most of us have a dating “type” when it comes to a potential romantic partner.

The study, which involved 332 individuals, examined each of their current and previous partners. Normally, you’d think that you date people who share the same interests as you. Interestingly, the researchers discovered that this isn’t the case. Instead, they concluded that your partners are all probably similar. In other words, you’ll most likely date someone who has the same traits or personality as your exes.

While you might think that having a “type” means liking certain aspects, mainly physical, the study suggested that the personalities of your partners don’t differ much from each other.

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A New Gamechanger

Now, the recently published study suggests that when looking for a date, we tend to search for similar patterns of our previous relationships in our potential partners. To put it simply, if your previous partner has an extroverted and bubbly personality, you have a higher tendency to look for the same personality in your potential dates.

With such knowledge at hand, you will be able to form a better relationship with your future partner and even improve the overall quality of your relationship. Additionally, the sense of familiarity can help improve your bond.

Meanwhile, if your previous partner was problematic – or if you had a history of several breakups – then don’t freak out. Instead, you can learn from those experiences and adjust your “type” accordingly in order to find someone who can fit your criteria.

While this might not sound much, it can certainly be considered a gamechanger, especially when talking about the online dating landscape. With dating “types” introduced, individuals can have a better chance of finding their potential partner through the use of the “type” filter. This is what aims to offer.

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With, users have the option to filter certain users through their “types”. As a result, it will be a lot easier for users to find Asian partners whom they can go out on a date with.

“We believe that the recent study makes looking for potential dates a lot easier”, said’s founder. “With the introduction of the “type” filter, you will be able to narrow down your search for a potential date based on which personality type you prefer”, he added.

What It Means for You

With the addition of the “type” filter,’s founder believes that users can easily find a potential date whom they’re most compatible with. “After all, the introduction of this filter was based on the study that individuals tend to look for potential dates who have the same personality as their previous partners”, he mentioned.

As such, he encourages everyone to give the platform a try and make use of the “type” filter to look for people who you can most likely mingle with. He also suggests interacting with their members to further know one another and increase your likelihood of finding the right one.

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