AsiaMe: How a Simple ‘Happy Birthday’ Could Lead to Relationship or Marriage

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Every day, millions of people celebrate their birthday around the world.

Birthday is arguably the best day of the year for any person because of all the attention, wishes, celebrations, gifts, and other perks. People receive happy birthday wishes from their parents, siblings, family members, friends, coworkers, and other acquaintances. But there is something special about having a stranger who sends his or her warmest wishes for a happy birthday.

That is why AsiaMe encourages its users to say “happy birthday” to people who might be a good match. The online dating platform made sure that a user does not miss their potential love interest’s birthday to be able to prepare a poem, song, or virtual gift!

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‘Happy Birthday’ As the Conversation Starter

Wishing someone “happy birthday” can be a great conversation starter when a user does not know how to initiate a chat other writing “Hi.”

A simple “happy birthday” can be an excellent way to start a conversation with someone a user does not know but wants to get to know better. That is why AsiaMe, a leading Asian online dating site, introduced a feature that allows users to see when a member’s birthday is a week ahead.

In other words, when browsing the profile of an Asian woman who celebrates her birthday within the next 7 days, a user gets a notification that this woman has her birthday today or any time soon.

Wishing a birthday girl “happy birthday” can help a male user break the ice and initiate a conversation. Even the simplest “happy birthday” message can stand out from the crowd of all the “hi’s” and “hello’s” in the woman’s inbox.

Send Happy Birthday Wishes on AsiaMe

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Knowing when a member’s birthday actually gives two complete strangers an exciting subject to discuss. Instead of trying to find a suitable topic before two users get used to each other, they have a unique opportunity to talk about the birthday.

As an AsiaMe member, you can ask the birthday girl how her birthday went, what kind of presents she received, how she would like to spend her next birthday, and so on.

Ultimately, a simple “happy birthday” could lead to a long-term romantic relationship or even marriage. And AsiaMe made sure that its members know when to send happy birthday wishes by seeing the notification alerting of a user’s birthday 7 days ahead.

Many of those who celebrate their birthday – or do not celebrate it altogether – may be lonely or bored, which is why it is not uncommon to see Asian women online on AsiaMe on their birthday.

This presents a unique opportunity for a man who would like to do date the girl to keep her entertained and keep her company on her birthday. While it may seem that you cannot celebrate someone else’s birthday “properly” if you are thousands of miles away from one another, AsiaMe made sure that your online conversations are as realistic as possible and you have as much fun together as possible.

With the help of such features as CamShare, Video Show, and Live Chat, AsiaMe members can have a productive and exciting interaction online with no limitations, while the platform’s Gifts feature can make sure that the birthday girl receives your virtual or real gift.

AsiaMe’s verification systems ensure that all Asian ladies who signed up on the online dating site provide their real birth date. Many other dating platforms do not verify their users’ birthdays, which is why some of their users take advantage of it to “fake” their birth date in order to receive gifts all year round.

With AsiaMe, a simple “happy birthday” message full of your warmest wishes could set a tone for a new, long-term relationship with an Asian beauty.

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