Asiame: Dogfishing – a New Trend, But Is It Worth the Hype?

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There are a lot of reasons why girls love a guy who owns a dog. Everyone knows that dogs are a bit of a handful sometimes.  An owner needs to make sure that the dog is fed regularly, groomed every now and then, and most importantly, an owner should have quality playtime with their furry pals.

When girls picture out a guy doing all those chores sincerely, girls perceive that the guy is a responsible one. This is because of the common knowledge that guys are often responsible only for football games or some addictive video games.

They say, if a guy owns a dog, for sure, he knows how to love. Most often than not, this is the kind of guys that girls wanted to date.

That’s why it’s no wonder that a new dating trend has emerged which is called Dogfishing.

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Dogfishing is when someone takes a picture of oneself with a charming dog, which is basically not theirs, and post it as profile pics on their dating apps to give an impression that they are dog owners (or lovers) even if, in reality, they are not.

The author who made up the term “Dogfishing”, said that this act, though somehow deceiving, is not a complete lie. Why? Because the picture was really taken with that charming dog. The person is real, so as the dog.

Who would be able to resist swiping on a photo with a lovely fluffy creature besides it?

However for some people who wants to date honestly, this is some kind of deceit. It’s like you are claiming to be someone that you are not just to look more responsible and appealing.

Though, others say dogfishing is not that harmful. It’s just like putting your best foot forward. We all want to try hard to place the best profile pic on to make a very good first impression. Some even travel to good locations and popular attractions just to capture the best shot. So someone should not be judged when having a picture with a friend’s dog and setting it as profile pic. According to them, the swiper should have read the profile first before swiping.

So to prevent any misconceptions, what are the things to be done instead to ensure that your profile is prominent and authentic as much as possible?

  1. Create a bio and be honest with your information.


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For possible partners to be able to check on you, you should create your bio. You should fill out all the necessary information needed by the dating app and you must answer survey questions if there’s any. This will give tidbits of information to other people to be able know you personally and find if you’re a match or not.

However, you should always tell the truth.

No skeletons in the closets are hidden forever. You may be able to create an imaginary awesome portfolio and hide your true self on your first few dates, but eventually your secrets will be spilled out and it might be disappointing to the other person. You might lose the interest of a potential partner because of your lies. Plus, you might just end up wasting time and effort. Being genuine and authentic is the best way to finding your perfect match straight off the bat.

So, don’t wait for it to happen. Besides your goal is to attract someone who will really like the true you, someone who fits your personality. Thus, lying is a no-no.

  1. Upload recently taken photos and don’t filter excessively.

The photos to be uploaded should be captured within the year. It should be accurate, recent and look just like you. Sure, there are a lot of apps that filter images already, but please don’t use it excessively. A minor touch-up is fine. Even if you want to portray your Keanu Reeves’ side, your photo must still show the real you. The last thing you want to happen is your date won’t be able to recognize you on your first meet-up and won’t agree to another one.

  1. Choose a recent photo that represents your lifestyle and personality.

If you love the beach, grab your towels and head to a nearby beach and take your amazing photos with the beach as the backdrop. If you love books, grab a book, smile genuinely and take a picture of you inside a library or a bookstore. Give snippets of what your lifestyle is so that those who share the same lifestyle as you will be able to find you.

  1. Be positive, not only with your profile, but with the presentation of yourself.

Aside from your looks, one thing that matters for daters is attitude. You should have a positive outlook in life. That positivity will surely reflect on how you match with others, how you chat with them and how you act when you finally meet up. As a common knowledge, nobody wants to date a chauvinist pig.

There it is, you already have the basic tips on how to be able to come up with the best profile for your dating app. You don’t have to resort to dogfishing just to attract possible long-lasting partners. Nothing good will happen if you pretend to be someone you are not. Genuineness is the key here.

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