Asiame: Dating Profile Points That Attract Mature Chinese Women

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Have you been wanting to date mature Chinese women but don’t seem to find a good match online? Maybe you have to update your online dating profile and tweak some stuff. Your profile will serve as your visual front; thus, you must put some extra effort into creating it.

If these points listed below can’t be found in your profile, it might be about time you changed it.

  1. Create a profile that depicts your personality

A good profile is not only about a great photo, a list of your interests and hobbies, and qualities you are looking for in a partner. Your profile must also tell your own story visually.

Your profile must reveal your overall personality; this includes your goals, principles, and the things you’re most passionate about. When someone goes over your page in a single dating site, they must be drawn to reading and discovering more about you rather than quickly clicking away due to a lack of interest.charming chinese lady

  1. Always include great humor

There’s a saying that goes, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but what about women? Well, the best answer to that question is through good humor.

If you ask a few women in your life about which qualities of men impress them the most, a good sense of humor is surely going to be one of their top answers. When your profile includes a lot of great humor that will surely make an Asian Chinese girl laugh, the more she is likely to stick around.

  1. Be honest

Honesty is the best policy even in online international dating. Lying will not bring you long-term advantages but may detriment your chances of finding love instead.

As much as you want to impress girls on the web, never fool people and make them believe you are someone you are totally not. Moreover, even men with such great background still struggle with finding the right match. The key is to keep things authentic and be your best self.

  1. Your profile must be informative and interesting enough

A lot of men make the mistake of creating a profile without providing enough information. If you want to meet Chinese ladies with the hope of finding love with the right one, exert more effort in providing info in your profile.

When a woman stumbles upon your profile, she must be able to find some interesting things about you which may serve as a great starting point for conversation. Furthermore, the more interests you include in your profile, the higher is your chance of meeting someone with a mutual passion as yours.chinese woman dating

  1. Share your most recent photos

Most women will not be interested in looking at your old photos; what they want to see is your current whereabouts. Many people are annoyed when they find a match online who seem to be perfect in their photos but turns out looking like a different person when they finally decided to meet.

If you think your current appearance will not catch the interest of hot young Chinese girls, that’s totally fine as long as you are honest and show your real present self.

  1. Your profile must be structured and easy to follow

When writing an “About Me” section, it’s always better to keep it short and sweet. Nobody has the time to read paragraphs of your biography.

Only highlight the things that give ideas about the kind of person you are without giving away everything all at once.

  1. Eliminate any negativity

Creating a list of the things you don’t want in a woman and posting that on your page is a big no-no as you can appear to have a cynical attitude which is a red flag to a lot of women. Negativity breeds negativity; instead of catching women’s interest, your critical character may rub them the wrong way instead.

  1. Check your grammar

Although you are on the hunt for Asian beauties and not an English instructor, having good grammar is still an essential factor to consider when creating your online dating profile. A lot of women find poor spelling and grammar a turn-off, thus you should be careful with this point.

You can utilize online apps that will proofread your sentences and check for misspelled words and incorrect grammar structure.

  1. Don’t talk too much about dating

Finding a partner to have a relationship with is obviously your main reason for participating in an online Chinese American dating website. However, in creating your profile, it is better not to focus too much about dating and relationships. Your profile is a great avenue for women to know you as a person in general, not as someone whom they can potentially hook up with.

Before searching “how to seduce a Chinese woman” on Google, it might be better to search for tips on how to attract women through your online dating profile first. Once you finally succeed in meeting a good match, then that is the right time to step up your game.


Online dating is basically putting out your best foot forward and being genuine about everything to see if someone appreciates it enough and will be willing to take things further with you. While it seems easier to fake things to make you seem like a better person than you already are, your authentic self might spark someone else’s interest.

Finding someone who adores you for who you really are brings about a long-term romantic connection. It is for this reason why you should always keep it a hundred.

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