Asiame: Dating a Chinese Girl: Tips on How to Write Dating Profiles

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Using dating apps is an easy way to get to know new people nowadays, and if dating a Chinese girl is what you prefer, don’t fret because they are also most likely into these kinds of applications. However, in order for you to stand out, you must know how to entice women by writing an interesting dating profile for them to see if they are compatible with you or if it’s worth their while to talk to somebody like you.

So, how easy is it for you to share a piece of yourself online? You have to contemplate about the things that you think will make the women impressed. Some people have no problems sharing even the most private things about themselves and sharing what’s on their mind; they even ask for tips on how to date a Chinese girl and the like. Nonetheless, if you want to stay quite mysterious, then it is okay for as long as you follow the tips below when you start to write your profile.

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Stay true to yourself

There is a plethora of other profiles that are trying to woo women– from the way they dress, the countries they went to, the languages they speak, the money they earn, to the way they would treat their lady. But it is also very easy to pretend to be another person in the process; you should be aware that there are instances where some women mislead others by posting a Chinese woman photo to attract men. In the online dating world, even if you are tempted to pretend about the littlest things in order for you to feel good about yourself, don’t.

You will be much happier to just be your true self than having to pretend and later on worry about saying the truth to the woman of your dreams. And of course, if you pretend that you are rich when you are not, aren’t you attracting the wrong woman in your life, then? There are also some beautiful hot Chinese girls who turn to online dating applications to find somebody that can finance their lifestyle but won’t stay for long, so be wary. As long as your profile is genuine, you are most likely to attract genuine personalities as well.

Write down your unique traits

What is it that sets you apart from others? I know that this is not a job interview, but it is a good question to consider answering when writing your profile. This is the perfect time to share your hidden talents and quirks. In a dating app, the first thing they see is your face, so finding out your hidden talent upon reading your profile will get them fascinated, and it is likely that they will pursue you first.

For example, single Chinese women are fond of men that are into sports; they see it as an attractive trait. If you are sports-minded and you take care of your body well by going to the gym regularly, then it will be essential to share it so they will know your interests. Just remember not to sound like you are bragging on your profile. Try to sound nice and cool.

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Try to make them laugh

Okay, you might not be good at this, but at least try to make your profile sound friendly and welcoming by adding a bit of humor in it. If you do not know yet, Chinese or Japanese women prefer to date people that have a sense of humor; most women would pick the same attribute when they choose to date a man. Since the men in their countries are mostly stressed at work, they oftentimes have no time to make a joke and are seen as serious or reserved.

Include your likes and dislikes

This is the part where you should write the characteristics of the woman that you are looking for. Are you looking for a hot Chinese girlfriend? Better to write it in a pleasant way and avoid sounding like a depraved person.

It is best to stay respectful even if you want to be straight to the point by writing down the things that you want even if this will cause the women to think that you are unmannerly. When it comes to dislikes, write it down in a nice way where they won’t feel insulted if they don’t fit your standards.

Put clear photos of yourself

Photos, where people can see your face clearly are ideal. Asian beauties, in particular, choose those that are not shy to reveal their faces. Online dating apps are full of misleading people, so women prefer photos where they can see the guy’s face properly. It’s also important to take a recent picture of yourself and not something that was taken years ago.

Respect everyone

While completing your profile, you might be thinking of filtering out people by mentioning religion or other topics that seem to be too personal. Respect others by thinking twice before writing down things that can possibly hurt them. In this case, if you have finally chosen between a Korean vs Chinese women, don’t write that you prefer Chinese women over Korean. Just state the character of the person that you’d like to get to know instead of mentioning a nationality that you don’t prefer. After all, compatibility can come naturally irrespective of the race and other differences.

Overall, writing an authentic dating profile can go a long way, and it’s the best step to meeting your best match.

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