Should You Get A Christmas Present While Recently Dating a Chinese Girl?

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Are you dating a Chinese girl, whether she’s someone new you’ve just met recently or just someone you have chatted for a while and rarely met?

If not, and your preferences are Asian beauties, there are many tips out there on how to date a Chinese girl. However, if you do, have you ever had that bothering decision whether to buy her a present or not, especially on a holiday like Christmas?

The Confusion Of Your Golden Role

A problem like that is really hard to deal with. When you are just recently dating, meaning it has not been a full year and had limited opportunities to get to know each other better, providing a gift is socially defined as taking someone you’ve given to seriously.

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Giving a gift to someone you newly dated, with the intention to look cool, might pressure your hot Chinese girlfriend. Not doing so can also make you look disappointing. Then, there’s another situation where the girl tells you she won’t give you a present only to surprise you with an expensive one while expecting your grateful reaction possibly in a form of reciprocation.

Let’s clarify some things. No one is that perfect in handling relationships at the early stages. No one already has knowledge from the start on how to date a Chinese girl or any particular female. The more experiences you have than the average guys only indicates the lesser lessons you have learned. Some like to take one step at a time.

Some confirm their situation using the term “base”. Some also like to go all-out. Whatever your decision may be, it will preferable if the choice is out of considering a balance between your styles and the current dating status.

The Great Wall Of Decision-making

For many years, single Chinese women had been under social scrutiny. China is one of most countries that are still patriarchal. Presently, the age of women’s independence is rising rapidly, and the views of females as being damsels in distresses and prizes for us men to win are being dismissed us sexist ideas.

So, if you happen to date one of the beautiful hot Chinese girls in her early 20s, chances are you’ll be dealing a stronger and a more career-focused person and the concept of finding gifts seems like a stressful part-time job with no payment expected.

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The majority experiencing an interaction with a new or first girl, especially if the feeling of attraction is getting stronger, can be clueless about what she wants. If you have dated once or twice, a gift is definitely optional.

If you have dated a few more times with one of the single Chinese women or any female you’re interested in, with each time the conversations are getting deeper and the stares are becoming sharply more expressive, then presents are definitely on each other’s budget.

The Gesture Of Gift-giving

To give you a concrete and practical solution, the best way to deal with the gift-giving dilemma is to evaluate your hot Chinese girlfriend, if you had ever dated a Chinese girl in the first place, or any girl from any nationality. Some might say to ask each other and come to that agreement. Some will advise you not to go all-out. They are not wrong; however, they can’t be always right.

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Having an agreement can make your exchange less dynamic. It will only add to each other obligation and subtract that feeling of surprise and even generosity. No matter how the world evolves, we men must retain that chivalrous attitude, where we have to make the girl feel special without expecting something in return.

We, humans, are biologically inclined to feel happy when awarded that validates with something our essence. A girl is no exemption, be it may in a form of material or effort.

So, it’s better to give a girl some token indicating you appreciate her company, make her feel that she looks like one of the top Asian beauties or just a gesture of responding to your request for a date. If she will accept your advances, treat you as a friend or insultingly rejecting you as a person, you still have remained a good human being.

Going all-out is a very risky move. A present requires you to spend. First impressions matter but it’s more important and practical to be real even the first time you meet. Don’t go dating one of the Chinese or Japanese women and order something that’s outside of the range of your budget.

Providing luxurious things upon first meeting seems desperate and makes it look more about your selfish wants than that need to connect with someone. There is an appropriate amount for every effort, so be careful not to go beyond.

Evaluation is the best approach. The girl, even if she’s one of those beautiful hot Chinese girls, will make herself interesting probably more than what a typical guy does. She might start the date with high expectations like having your full attention.

If you see something in her, in her responses to your actions, in her approaches to your methods, then giving her a gift is the right call. Your gift can be obvious in its intentions or mysteriously sincere in appreciation of the time spent.


Christmas, though initially celebrated by Christians, is now widely accepted by most of the world as a season of giving. Efforts can be more valuable, something that even a price cannot be used as a measurement. You can take a Chinese woman photo; this is, of course, of the girl you’re dating, paste it on a bond paper and decorate it with your artistic skills.

If you have dated or dating girls from other Asian countries, be culturally appropriate too. There are differences between Japanese VS Korean VS Chinese women and other nationalities. Do some research to make the most out of that new date. If you are inclined to buy material things, then order something the girl will probably like, based on your gathered information.

Always keep in mind that you are still dating. It doesn’t matter whether the girls are Chinese or Japanese women or from any particular nationality. You are not yet committing to a relationship but both of you did spend time to get to know each other more.

The idea of having a present must come out naturally. This will be accomplished if you stay true to yourself and be the real you with her. Plus, the presence of the right person is already a gift itself.

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