New Year’s Resolutions with Your Chinese Girlfriend

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New Year signals a lot of things, but one of its most popular significance the new hope and positive changes it brings to people, which means that it’s the perfect time for you to have New Year’s resolutions to obtain a better and stronger relationship with your Chinese girlfriend. New Year’s resolutions may seem superficial to some people, but it can be that one thing that motivates someone to be better and consequently have a better relationship with their partners and other people around them. If you’re trying to look for the best resolution ideas that are beneficial to your romantic relationship, here are some that might help you out.

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  • Take Time Each Day to Connect

Every day can be crazy busy. Even if you’re living together, your different schedules may cause you to feel further and further apart. Don’t let it. Make it a point to have some time to connect every day, even if it’s just small talk. Continuous and reliable connection is important in maintaining a relationship with your prettiest Chinese girl.

  • Do Something Spontaneous

After a while, the hype might fade a little. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because in place of that is the quiet security longer relationships bring to couples. However, it’s still a good idea to do something really spontaneous as this sparks up the relationship more.

  • Have at Least One Date Night A Month

While you do something spontaneous every month, also have a fixed monthly date night. Having something really good and romantic to look forward to, even if it’s just once a month, can negate a lot of the stress adulthood brings. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant date in a luxurious restaurant. A quiet dinner in the house with good food and good wine would do just fine. This is something Asian beauties will surely appreciate.

  • Have Financial Discussions

Money is quite a sensitive topic, even for couples. Unfortunately, this is also one of the things that cause a couple’s breakup. Avoid this by having financial discussions. There’s no need to be shy about discussing finances as eventually this is something you will really have to talk about regularly when you start a family, so might as well do it now.

  • Ask New Questions

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Learn to ask questions whose answers may surprise the both of you. Questions like, “How’s your work today?” and “Did you have a good day?” are quite given. While they are also very important, they have the tendency to offer routines answers. With new and creative questions, you will get to discover more about your gorgeous Chinese girl.

  • Have Limited Screen Time

Being continuously stuck on your phone can only damage the relationship you have, so make it your New Year’s resolution to limit your screen time. You don’t want your girl to feel that you are into online dating to look at sexy young Chinese girls, which is the impression you’re making if you don’t put your phone down. Remember that person-to-person communication is still the best kind of communication.

  • Express Your Appreciation and Gratitude More

Make it a point to show your appreciation and gratitude more. Simple praises here and there and a good “thank you” would suffice. Some relationships people have with Chinese girls online end up becoming dull simply because one or both parties have stopped showing consistent appreciation and gratitude which are crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship. Try to always look at the positive sides instead of always looking at what’s lacking.

  • Continuously Show Affection

Always remember to show your affection to each other. The need for it does not come from insecurity; it’s simply an act that will help strengthen your bond. Whether you’ve met your girl in single dating websites or naturally somewhere else, go for the natural kind of affection you both deserve.

  • Allow Schedule Changes

Life can be extremely busy, but it does not have to be that way all the time. Show your partner that she is more important by tweaking your schedule a little bit to make time for your relationship.

  • Take Note on Small Things

Gorgeous Chinese women, or any woman for that matter, appreciate it so much when the guy takes note on the small things. It shows that they care, so be interested even on the little details and do try to remember them.

  • Let Go of the Past

Nobody likes it when someone keeps bringing up something especially bad from the past. Make it a habit to talk about it once and for all, and let go. Avoid bringing it up to every heated discussion you’ll have.

  • Know When and How to Apologize

A person who knows when and how to properly apologize deserves a certain level of respect. People cannot be perfect, but they can be considerate and real. These qualities are what help make a relationship last.

  • Have Me-Time

Last and probably one of the most important resolutions you can have is to give yourself a well-deserved free time. One can’t just keep on giving; that will only lead to toxic relationship. Focus on you, and develop yourself as much as you can so that you will also be secured and mature enough to handle your relationship better.


It’s the New Year, and so it’s the best time to have those positive resolutions. List them down and commit to them. Once you do, you’ll find that your relationship has better chances to be better and stronger.

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