How to Navigate Your Way Through the Idea of Pain and Loss

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When you think of it, the mere idea of PAIN and LOSS would be enough to affect you. Anyone in their right mind and heart would be affected by the thought – if not for themselves, then for others who may have been touched by this experience.

The experience, after all, could be more than just saddening or upsetting. In the most real sense, the experience of pain and loss can be deeply affecting to the point of being devastating…

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Thus, you’d hear of experiences shared among people wherein it’s been said that “He took it so hard” or “It was too much for her”. Although often said with much care and empathy, these statement still fall short of the unimaginable grief which the person must have gone through.

Thus, let’s not toss the idea of pain and loss around, like we were only passing through. Although we all wish to navigate our way through with more ease and comfort, there is neither an easy nor comfortable way of dealing with it, other than recognizing it for what it is and not what it isn’t.

  1. Pain is UNIVERSAL. No matter how much it hurts, you are not alone in your experience of it. All over the world, billions of people suffer quietly and survive in their own distinct way.
  2. We each have our own PERSONAL aches and pains. On the outside, a person may seem to have everything anyone could wish for. But at the end of the day, we all lead all-too-imperfect lives, just like any human being.
  3. It is often said that some things inevitably have to fall apart before they can be pieced back together. In the Oriental way of thinking (i.e. KINTSUKUROI to the Japanese), a broken pottery becomes more beautiful for all its cracks and more valuable after having been mended in gold.
  4. Navigating your way through pain and loss may require a more STOIC approach towards living and loving. You could give up and fall apart in the face of difficulty, or you can strengthen your ability to endure the hardships and adversities of life. Rather than resist and fight the curveballs of life, the key would be to accept them as they come.
  5. Easier said than done, another key would be not to ANTICIPATE the pain. Do not expect the hurt that’s forthcoming, but focus on the journey of living and loving instead. Spare yourself from meaningless suffering over an event which has not happened yet or will not happen at all.
  6. In the event that adversity does happen, it helps to perceive pain as an experience, out of which there are other LESSONS to be learned. Thus, you must leave the old pain behind but take the new lesson with you. Should you lose your job now, there’s another to be gained later or doors could open for a better one.

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  1. In our desire to be in CONTROL everything, we tend to STRESS over stuff. Thus, the key would be not to overthink or ponder too much. Understand that there are things which are simply out of our control.
  2. When it comes to heartache, many things are not as awful as we first imagined them to be. Allow yourself to HEAL lovingly through time. The wounds that never heal are only those which fester with a lot of anger and a lack of forgiveness.
  3. Be convinced that you can be happy and whole again, even without that person who once was your world. After all, happiness is a CHOICE. Choose not to hurt as much as you inevitably would have, had you taken in all the pain and let it linger. Instead, let it go.
  4. Lastly, forget about the idea before it freaks you out! Focus on the good. Remember to be thankful always and to live in the moment – NOW, when the thought of pain and loss is only a mere idea.
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