Common Online Dating Mistakes that Pushes Pretty Chinese Girls Away

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Pretty Chinese girls are very sought-after in the online dating world. If you are lucky enough to have one of them pay attention to your profile, you shouldn´t miss your chance. Asian beauties can smell online dating mistakes at a distance. Follow these tips and date like a pro.

Why online dating?

Dating sites for singles are the best places to meet people you want to but don´t have the chance. For example, if you are in the quest to meet a gorgeous Chinese girl, that is definitely the place to go (unless you live in China, right?).  Let´s take a look at common online dating mistakes beginners make so you won´t spoil your chance.

You greeting message is too simple and uninviting

Once you have a match on an online dating, are you dropping just a plain “Hi”? Try being more creative and invite people to have an interesting conversation with you. A good method is to go through that person´s profile and ask a relevant question. What you get is, for example, “Hi there, I noticed you´ve been to the States, how was that experience?” Be creative, resourceful and funny and results will be great.

pretty Chinese girls

Your profile is incomplete

Even if you are on the best online dating service, if your profile is incomplete or empty, you won´t get any attention. Go beyond just the looks and make your profile description be at the same level your profile picture is at. If a beautiful girl feels your picture is good but you don´t say anything about yourself, she might hesitate to hit on you.

Your profile info is all about what you don´t want

Going for the negative when you are trying to invite people into your life is not at all the best option. If a girl likes your photo when scrolling through profiles but reads your description and you are all about what you don´t want in a girl, the result can be moving on to the next thing. Don´t let that happen, be positive and you´ll get much more attention.

You ask why she is on an online dating site

In your quest to find Chinese girlfriend you should never ask an online match why she is on the site. In the best case scenario, she might answer you that she is doing exactly the same thing you are doing. Other less happy reactions might be to get offended by your comment. Erase those words from your first lines, you´ll find out about it shortly, don´t worry about it.

You are dropping cheesy lines and common-place words

If there is one thing beautiful girls don´t like is guys going for the common-place words like “Hi beautiful!”. They hear that a million times a day, especially if they truly are gorgeous. Don´t be that guy, you know better. They love resourceful, creative and funny people, go for that.

You are using an old photo or a group photo

It is not at all the way to go to use an old profile picture of your gym days if you are not working out any more. When on an online dating site, meeting is something that will very likely happen sooner than later. If you want a beautiful Asian Chinese girl to pay you attention, and not be a fluff, just put a good profile picture and write a great profile description. You´ll be amazed at the results.

You are not fostering conversation with your responses

Closed questions and closed answers are not what opens the path to deeper conversation and a good connection with the person you are trying to get to know and date. Foster conversation with open questions and try to give out detailed answers.

You are not patient to other people´s times

Not everybody has the same spare time as you do. Don´t get nervous if you are not receiving an answer right away. This is a great tip on how to seduce a Chinese woman, they love a patient man who knows how to wait for them and treat them the right way.

You are being utterly negative because of your broken heart (and showing it)

If your profile description is nothing but negativity and bad stuff about your ex and how you desperately need to meet someone else to forget her, you are on your path to failure. Be positive, life is beautiful and online dating sites are for positive people to meet and love each other.


Meet Chinese ladies in online dating sites and enjoy the benefits of technology. Follow these tips to avoid the rookie mistakes that can make great opportunities slip away from your fingertips. Make the most out of that profile and meet the gorgeous Chinese lady you want to date.

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