Chinese Women Dating Online: Getting Your Ideal Girl Meet You in Person

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You saw an amazing picture of a Chinese girl in social media. You said “hello” and she replied. You had a couple of conversation then suddenly the conversation died. What happened? Who ended the conversation? Is it you or her? Who is the reason why the conversation ended? Is it you or her? Stop asking those questions. There are tons of beautiful and amazing Chinese woman dating online. However, making them like you, stay connected with you and finally meet up with you is a bit challenging. This article will help you get a Chinese girl like you and actually get interested in meeting you in person.

There are different factors why a man fails to compel a gorgeous Chinese girl online to meet him in person. Here are possible reasons why.

Lack of self-confidence

Doubting your ability to attract a beautiful Chinese girl online has a great impact on getting an attractive Chinese girl to like you. There is an embedded truth about the law of attraction. The more you doubt about your ability, the more you fail to get what you want. If you found a Chinese girl interesting, find ways to know her. Start a conversation with her immediately and have your way of maintaining and making your connection with her stronger. Don’t think of meeting her expectation but enjoy every conversation with her. Trust me. Once you find yourself smiling while chatting with her, she is also enjoying the conversation with you. You might be afraid of rejection but remember, you’ll never know if it will work until you try.

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Be careful not to appear arrogant in having a conversation with a Chinese woman online. Don’t overemphasize your achievements or your great qualities. You might have a good intention, but the interpretation might not be good. Remember, you are trying to get to know the girl. Furthermore, appearing too perfect would only lead to rejection.

Lack of understanding

Chinese women have different characteristics, personalities, beliefs, and traditions. In reality, your culture or personality might be different from her. The problem comes once you fail to adjust during your first conversation her. You need to understand that she is another person with a different set of beliefs and background. Strive to show understanding all the way.

Lack of transparency

Not wanting to share your personal information and your whereabouts because you are afraid that you’ll be taken advantage of or you’ll be belittled is a big mistake. You indeed have to protect your overall privacy. However, if you want to get inside a beautiful Chinese girl’s heart, at least tell her, your daily activities. Let her feel that she is a part of your journey.

Misconception leading to rude or disliked behavior

There are a lot of sexy Chinese girls that you could encounter online. Approaching them in a careless manner such as over complementing, directly asking for sexy pictures, or video chatting them immediately might irritate them that might lead to avoidance. It is better to start slowly but surely and not do anything too hasty to avoid shying your ideal girl away.

Do you have at least one of the factors that I stated? Don’t worry because here are the things you can do to finally build a stronger connection with the prettiest Chinese girl for you.

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Let your Bio stand out

Your bio must be a reflection of your real self. As much as possible, make your bio engaging by writing something about your passion. Write the activities you enjoy the most. Moreover, you could write who you are as a partner, as a friend, or as a brother. Furthermore, you could add some suspense or intriguing questions or characteristics that might capture the interest of the girl you want.

Use your clear and less edited but presentable photo as your profile picture

You don’t have to change your skin color or the shape of your face to attract a Chinese woman. Be yourself. Let her like the real you. Don’t forget that attitude and humor matter more.

Have a background knowledge about Chinese tradition or culture

If you are not a Chinese guy, one way that could help you know how to adjust is to read further about Chinese tradition and culture. Moreover, this will help you seek for more interesting topics once you run out of topic. Furthermore, one tip is for you to learn, even just a few of their language. For some reason, this is a plus point for you.

Stick with her pacing

Don’t rush. It is safer for you to start your online relationship as friends. Talk to her like someone you knew in a long time until she’s comfortable talking to you and video-chatting with you. Don’t be too aggressive. That will ruin everything. Moreover, don’t keep on talking about meeting up. Let the right time crop up for both of you to agree about finally seeing each other in person.

Compliment her naturally

Don’t compliment too much. Too much compliment is no longer pleasing, but might only lead to a negative impression about you. Furthermore, it might scare a girl and block you. Take note of this especially when you are just in the stage of getting to know each other.

Create a continuous communication

Once you made a good start with a girl, one thing that you should never do is not to communicate with her in a day or a week. Make sure to at least, make her feel that she is a part of your day even if you’re busy.

Be transparent

As I keep on emphasizing, let her know something deeper about you. Open up and you’ll find her sharing her secrets, even her heart, with you.


One thing that makes a relationship work is respecting each other’s passion, beliefs, among others. This is especially if you are from different countries. Respect her and for sure she will respect you.

Don’t expect too much but hope for the best

Once you finally connected with a gorgeous Chinese woman and decided to take your relationship seriously, just hope for the best. However, in every action, there are always pros and cons. Love with your heart and mind, but never set your expectations too high. Just enjoy the process and let things unfold naturally.

Be yourself

This is the one and the best pieces of advice for you. Be yourself. You have your natural way of attracting and showing your love. You could adjust but don’t forget the real you. Being authentic is indeed the best way to attracting your best match.

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