6 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Dating Chinese Women in Chinese Chat

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A Chinese chat on online dating sites was a Godsend to many foreign men who no longer could or wanted to date women from their own countries, nationalities, and races. These men were given the unique chance to meet Chinese women through online dating websites and apps. But it does not go smooth for many…

Unfortunately, dating a Chinese girl is not the same as dating a girl from your home country due to cultural differences between Chinese and Western people. There are certain mistakes many men make when dating Chinese women, and today, we are going to address these mistakes.

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Some Chinese seeking men learn from their own mistakes through trial and error, but we’re about to outline all of these mistakes so that you can avoid them altogether and play your cards right without having to embarrass yourself or lose the girl of your dreams because of some avoidable and stupid mistake.

Mistake #1: Not getting along with your Chinese girlfriend’s family. Chinese women love and respect their families like no one else. If you offend your girlfriend’s family, it’s equivalent to offending her. If you refuse to meet her family or you don’t get along with her family, we have bad news for you. This risk of this Chinese gorgeous women breaking up with you is extremely high.

Mistake #2: Treating her like she’s your property or not respecting her enough. The reason why most Chinese women turn to online dating sites to look for foreign men is because Chinese men treat women like their property even though the men to women population ratio in China is 711 to 679 million. Don’t make the same mistake many Chinese men make. Treat your Chinese lady with respect and give her the freedom to express her opinion and respect her privacy and personal space.

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Mistake #3: Do not propose until later in the relationship, but don’t ignore the topic of marriage. Marriage is a very tricky subject for any Chinese girl looking for love. From the one hand, modern Chinese women want to be independent and non-traditional. From the other hand, however, their families are constantly pressuring them into getting married, reminding them of their age, the possibility of having to be alone for the rest of their life if they don’t find a husband before 25 or 30, etc. Most Chinese girls have mixed feelings and opinions about marriage, which is why proposing to her early on in the relationship is probably not the best idea. Ignoring the topic of marriage altogether is also a bad idea. So you need to be somewhere in the middle: be neutral and take your time. If it feels right to get married and you are absolutely sure that she’s ready, then go for it.

Mistake #4: Being clueless about the cultural differences between Chinese people and Westerners. If you want to meet Chinese ladies in Australia, the U.K., the U.S., Germany, or elsewhere, no one expects you to be an expert in Chinese culture and traditions. However, your lack of desire and aspiration to learn about your Chinese girlfriend’s cultural background is going to eventually ruin your relationship. So make sure you don’t stay clueless about what makes her different from you in the cultural aspect.

Mistake #5: Failing to impress your Chinese lady. This one is very common after foreigners find a Chinese girl on a China dating site in English and go on a first date with her. We are not encouraging you to go bankrupt trying to impress her. All we’re saying is that complaining to the waiter that the wine is very expensive or bargaining with a florist to give you a discount when buying flowers in front of your Chinese are going to make you look miserable and “cheap” in her eyes. One of the many ways you can impress your Chinese girl before you go on a first date with her is ordering a gift to be delivered to her doorstep. Many Chinese dating sites such as AsiaMe offer this option to their users.

Mistake #6: Telling her that you have “yellow fever” fetish or are into Asian women. Yes, you probably get excited every time you flip through a Chinese girl photo album, but telling your Chinese girlfriend that you’re into Asian ladies is a huge mistake. She doesn’t want to know that you picked her just because of her race or nationality. Every woman wants to fall in love with a guy who chose her because of who she is, rather than how she looks.

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