10 Online Dating Tips for Gentlemen to Find a Chinese Girlfriend

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If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to get a Chinese girlfriend without having to travel in China, then you probably have thought about participating in online dating apps. A lot of people have found love through online dating sites. Some even ended up tying the knot after a few solid months of dating which all started through one web chat.

However, not everyone has successfully found the love of their life on the web; it could be because such platform doesn’t suit them, or they tend to commit certain dating mistakes which lead to them being rejected.

This article will break down the 10 tips for successful online dating for men. Use these tips as your guide in winning a beautiful Chinese woman’s heart.

  1. Be truthful when introducing yourself.

When dating online, it can be extremely tempting to present yourself as someone you know girls are going to fall head over heels with. However, doing this can hinder you from finding a gorgeous Chinese girl to have a relationship with. Don’t be someone who catfishes or tricks women into liking you about something you are not.

Be honest and don’t misrepresent yourself. If you think you are not good enough or successful enough to be wanted by someone, remember that being truthful about yourself is way better than being a con artist.

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  1. Manage your expectations.

When you type in “China love date websites” on Google, finding someone whom you can have a relationship with is probably going to be your main motive. However, you also need to know that online dating websites are also used by some as a means of meeting people and making friends and not just finding love. Therefore, do not expect that every person you meet online wants to hook up with you.

  1. Don’t rush into meeting her in person.

Once you find your match in a Chinese American dating site, do take your time in knowing her first and do not talk about meeting in person straight off the bat. Some women still feel some kind of anxiety when it comes to meeting men online.

The best move to do in this stage is to have small talks with her through video chats first in order to build trust and rapport. When you think she’s ready to meet you face to face, that’s the time you can bring up the offline meeting conversation.

  1. Take the initiative.

Let’s say you and an Asian Chinese girl already agreed to meet in person and now you are planning for your forthcoming date – you, as a man, should have the place and time in mind.

You don’t want to be one of those people who ask each other “where do you want to go or what do you want to do? I don’t know, how about you?” Make recommendations instead and be chinese girlfriend

  1. Be the one to initiate the conversation.

The way your conversations go online may not be the same as when you meet and talk in person. Most Chinese women may feel intimidated, shy, or awkward. Instead of getting discouraged by it, lead the conversation until you think she’s confident enough to open up.

  1. Be polite and respectful.

Whether your date looks as mesmerizing as the Asian beauties you’ve seen on magazines or nothing alike, it is extremely important for you to be polite and respectful during your date. Don’t be one of those guys who sneak off to the comfort room, doesn’t come back, and just disappears.

Even if you feel disappointed because the girl looks nothing like her photos online, stay on the date and don’t show any signs of negative feelings. Being stood up on a date is extremely embarrassing, especially for women.

  1. Avoid talking about past relationships.

When you meet Chinese ladies in person, conversations about ex-lovers should be the last thing you should bring up during your date. Sure, it’s interesting to know what one has experienced about love and dating; however, your first date should only be about getting to know one another.

Talk about yourselves instead; ask her about her likes and dislikes, her family, work, and hobbies. Similarly, you can also open up about yourself and your current endeavors in life.

  1. Compliment her.

Women put a lot of effort into their looks especially during first dates; thus, do give her meaningful compliments. Do not just compliment her through the way she dressed but look for something you’ll know others wouldn’t have praised her for. For example, compliment how her dress brings out the gleam in her eyes.

  1. Add humor to your conversation.

When you ask Chinese people what are Chinese women like when it comes to dating, you will know that they love funny men. Most women and not just Chinese ladies find men who can make them laugh way more attractive than great-looking men who don’t have any sense of humor.

  1. Accept disappointments or rejections. 

When you are dating online, rejections and disappointments are bound to happen one way or another. In case you matched with a beautiful Chinese lady but turns out you are not the one she’s looking for, respect her decision and continue trying your luck with web dating.


Dating someone may involve a roller coaster of emotions; you can experience excitement, anxiety, glee, or disappointments. Whether you choose to find a Chinese girlfriend online or offline, always remember the tips mentioned above. All women across the globe prefer a thoughtful and well-mannered man over someone who only looks good but has a dull personality.

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