3 Asiame ladies waiting for true love after the age of 35

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According to the Asian traditional concept, by the age of 30, women should be married, living a stable life, and even have had children in order to carry on her husband’s family name. However, three of AsiaMe’s women are quite the opposite.


Angela is an open-minded, cute and happy woman. She is a woman who enjoys laughing and making those around her laugh. Angela believes she is good and bad at the same time – but bad in a good way.

The good side is Angela is soft-hearted, good-tempered and, never smokes and only drinks a little red wine on special occasions. The bad side is she can sometimes have some naughty thoughts! But this is because Angela is a mature woman who knows what she wants and what she can give in life. She wants to enjoy life with a man who can accept her for who she is, as life is too short. She wants a man who is romantic and open-minded, just like she is. Could you be that passionate man she is waiting for?


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Lindsay is a romantic lady with a charming personality, a family lady who imagines herself with a happy and harmonious life with the one she loves. You are probably wondering why she is still single and not married at this age. The reason is that she didn’t want to get married for the sake of getting married. Although having a few boyfriends in the past, there was no real spark of chemistry. So Lindsay chose to stay single but hasn’t given up hope of finding her true love.

Lindsay enjoys doing yoga and outdoor sports, traveling and hiking. She hopes her future man will also have similar interests as this will bring two people even closer. My true love should be responsible, family-oriented and caring, with a good sense of humor, because this is what she is like too. Are you a mature and gentle man who can make Lindsay laugh? Talk to her and find out.


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Lan is an outgoing and warmhearted lady. She believes true love is not easy to find, which is why she is waiting for her special man to appear in her life. No-one is perfect, including Lan; everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so if you truly love someone, you must accept their them for who they are. Lan is certain there is someone for everyone, and there is someone waiting for her somewhere in the world. She is looking forward to finding someone who can hold her hand for the rest of her life. Are you that special someone?

From these three ladies, we can see that love shouldn’t be confined by age. Not everyone is lucky to find true love and get married at a young age, and true love can be found at any time in our lives. Members are urged to act quickly for love and not to let any opportunities slip away, for a better life.

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